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Expressive Writing: EX. 19 – Email Story Working

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Email Story Working

The way the Email story works in Make it New is by using various forms of communications devices, such as dialogue, prose, as well as email to tell its story. It is also an international story and uses dates to keep track of the time period between Meena’s and Greg’s relationship. There is also some humour in that Greg still mispronounces Meena’s name, no matter how long he has known her.

When Greg gets in touch with Meena by Email, the status of her relationship with Will remains unsure at that time. At the same time, the reader is feeling tense about what will happen, the author lays out this tension with Meena doing something as human as cleaning her apartment. Once she has done this, she feels ready to respond to Greg and her reaction seems as orderly, sane and understandable as her newly clean apartment.


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