Expressive Writing: To Praise

In Beauty, book reviews, Business, Contact Information, Creative Writing, Culture, Education, Entertainment, Environment, Health, Living, Media Writing, Opinion, Writing (all kinds) on August 13, 2011 at 3:00 AM

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To Praise: to compliment, to say nice things to, to boast about, to honour, to toast, to rejoice for, acclaim, acclamation, accolade, applause, appreciation, approbation, approval, big hand, boost, bravo, celebration, cheer, cheering, citation, commendation, compliment, cry, devotion, encomium, esteem, eulogy, exaltation, extolment, flattery, glorification, glory, good word, homage, hurrah, hymn, kudos*, laudation, obeisance, ovation, panegyric, pat on the back, plaudit, puff, rave, recognition, recommendation, regard, sycophancy, thanks, tribute, worship

To Scold: to ridicule, to blame, to chastise, to belittle, to denigrate, to degrade, to get angry with, to criticize, to scrutinize, abuse, admonish, asperse, berate, blame, castigate, cavil, censure, chasten, chide, criticize, denounce, disparage, dress down, expostulate, give a talking-to, jump on, keep aft, lay down the law, lecture, light into, nag, objurgate, preach, put down, rail, rake over the coals, rate, ream, rebuke, recriminate, reprimand, reproach, reprobate, reprove, revile, take to task, taunt, tell off, upbraid, vilify, vituperate

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