Expressive Writing: Five Sentences with Multiple Verbs:

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I peeled, boiled, drained, mashed and served the potatoes.
I shimmied, boogied, glided, hopped and danced to the music.
I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote all day.
I looked out the window, fastened my seatbelt and secured my luggage under the front seat.
I read the documents, checked for errors, agree to the terms and signed the contract.

Two Sentences with Multiple Verbs:

I woke up, rubbed my eyes, dragged off my clothes, pulled on clean clothes, sucked on a cigarette and grabbed my bag, then rushed out the door.

I drove the car, shopped for art supplies, bought two large canvases, paint and clay, argued with the police officer over a ticket, sped home and painted for three days.

On the shelf are several pictures of Mom, Dad, sister Lisa and brother Kevin, three pictures of niece Oshun and an elephant piggy bank facing east.

He loves music, art, writing, women and has a hardcore addiction to porn.

She loves makeup, wigs, dresses, upscale cars and chasing her pills with beer.

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