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Expressive Writing: EX. 15 – To Write and To Sit

Image result for Black woman at a typewriter

To Write: to scribble, to doodle, to be a scribe, to transcribe, to record, to document, to draw, to design, to dabble, to create, to type, to the keyboard. From address, author, autograph, bang out, chalk, commit, communicate, comp, compose, copy, correspond, create, dash off, draft, draw up, drop a line, drop a note, engross, formulate, ghost, indite, ink, inscribe, jot down, knock off, knock out, letter, note, note down, pen, pencil, print, push a pencil, put in writing, record, reproduce, rewrite, scrawl, scribble, scribe, Scriven, set down, set forth, sign, take down, tell, transcribe, turn out, typewriter, write down, write up.

To Sit: to squat, to rest, to place, to spread out, to present. From be seated, bear on, cover, ensconce, give feet a rest, grab a chair, have a place, have a seat, hunker, install, lie, park*, perch*, plop down, pose, posture, put it there, relax, remain, rest, seat, seat oneself, settle, squat, take a load off, take a place, take a seat


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