Expressive Writing: EX. 14 – Discursive on First Person Narrative on Smooth Operator

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This story was actually a mélange of truth and fiction. The reason why I chose to use the first person is that ultimately it was closer to the truth than to fiction. I like the way in the course texts they discuss using the first person, as well as actually at times using the writer’s name in the piece. It is much easier than coming up with names and a special part of creative non-fiction. It gives the reader more of a connection with the writer and helps the reader to know the writer knows what they are talking about.

In Smooth Operator, the real story was that I dated the man in the character for three years. It was a relationship based far more than on just a sexual one, however, I felt some of our sexual exploits together would make for good reading. There was a time in the relationship when outside forces threatened it on his part and actually, the relationship continued despite this. When I had a “mental affair” with another person, feeling something for someone else, however, there was nothing physical involved, the relationship ended. This short story was my way of expressing those moments in my life and I feel it captures it well for a first draft.

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