Expressive Writing: EX. 13: Bath Time Analysis

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“Bath Time” is a story that appeals to the emotions, to the mind, as well as to the senses.

The author inserts her voice in a subtle way by pointing out the difficult day the mother (narrator) has had with school and with the bank. The author seems to disappear for a while in the exchange between the narrator (mother) and her child.
The narrator is having a hard day giving her daughter a bath. The narrator is at her most powerful in the garbage chute where she is struggling with her emotions in putrid air. Prior to this, the author takes over for a while to give the narrator a break as she writes about the narrator’s life of freedom before having her daughter. The author has the final say at the end where although the narrator has resolved things with her daughter, it is only for today the author reminds us.

The interplay between the author and the narrator adds to two heads are better than one approach to telling the story.

The author’s attitude towards the narrator seems to be one of sympathy and understanding. The author seems to understand and know the difficulties of being a mother.

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