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Expressive Writing: EX. 12 – Love and Food

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Love and Food

“Eat it up!” the gold-digger said to her sugar daddy.

Caught up in the raptures of love, the gold-digger and her sugar daddy were enjoying the lap of luxury in a high-style luxury loft condo in the heart of downtown Toronto.

“Give me more, baby, baby…give it to me hard,” said the sugar daddy.

The sugar daddy is named John Smith and was wooing his mistress Jane Doe at the height of ecstasy night after night for a fortnight. John’s ball-breaking wife Gertrude was painting the town red with her boy-toy. Racking up John’s credit cards buying expensive clothes and jewelry. John had his own surprise for his bundle of joy that needed an unveiling.

“Diamonds are forever,” John said as he knelt down on bended knee before Jane.

“Oh! You shouldn’t have!” she said with tears in her eyes. “I’m getting misty.”

“Just wait until tonight,” John said. “There is a lot more in store.”


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