Expressive Writing: Day Two of Clichés

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Day Two: On the second day, I listened to the radio news’s AM 640 starting at 2:26 a.m. and ending at 2:43 a.m. I was able to find 41 clichés again. Setting: Lying in bed at home:

1. “Rising shift of consciousness”

2. Way beyond the standard of knowledge”

“Way out of balance”

4. “A field of energy”

5. “Consciousness shift in 2012”

6. “There is a change in the nature of the social system”

7. “Weather systems”

8. “Eco-system to a biological system”

9. “There’s no doubt”

10. “Ringing of the earth like a giant bell”

11. “Oh, my!”

12. “Way to go!”

13. “Start with a visit to ….ca”

14. “Independent owned and operated”

15. “Thick steak”

16. “Apply any time”

17. “Canada’s largest and most experienced”

18. “Be in the know”

19. “Conspiracies, confusions, contradictions”

20. “Coast-to-coast”

21. “At times I see you”

22. “Sometimes your voice is not enough”

23. “Outside forever”

24. “You’d save the world”

25. “Like a child teething”

26. “Poor idea”

27. “Large error”

28. “Fire-bombed”

29. “Harm your person”

30. “Called me frantic”

31. “Put a mask on”

32. “Everybody’s been’s paying a lot of attention to 2012”

33. “A great leap in understanding:

34. “We really are alive electronically”

35. “To bring change”

36. “Is it going to be the end of the world?”

37. “It’s not impossible”

38. “A radical change”

39. “That wouldn’t be good”

40. “Destroy all life on earth”

41. “In the twinkling of an eye”

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