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Expressive Writing: EX. 11: Three Day Cliché Journal

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Day One: On the first day, I started watching CP24 at 6:47 p.m. and found 41 clichés I could write down by 7:03 p.m. Setting: on my brown couch in my living room at home.

1. “It’s a hit”

2. “Getting around on two wheels”

3. “The by-law is rarely enforced”

4. “Proper enforcement of the rules”

5. “Dedicated staff”

6. “Detailed report”

7. “Fairweather cyclists”

8. “With the northwesterly winds”

9. “Slam into southern Ontario”

10. “You can get breaking news”

11. “Have a great night”

12. “Stepping up to the next level”

13. “Raising the stakes”

14. “Going to bring that passion”

15. “Truck has jack-knifed”

16. “Traffic is back-upped for miles”

17. “Make it happen”

18. “Gimme your heart”

19. “Ring in the New Year”

20. “Don’t be chicken”

21. “K.O.”

22. “Turn your passion into a career”

23. “Gold is at an all-time high”

24. “Going to be late for work”

25. “Take on the day”

26. “We have the lowest price”

27. “It’s going to a chilly one tonight”

28. “Quell the uprising”

29. “Tanks were rolling though the street”

30. “Spreading fast”

31. “Close confidante”

32. “Watch the unrest”

33. “Get the message out”

34. “Show our solidarity”

35. “Magic moment”

36. “Same amount of hope”

37. “It was an absolute success”

38. “Put up an event on Facebook”

39. “Eyeballing and estimating”

40. “Had a lot of objectives”

41. “Emotions and ties. Some connection with their feelings”


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