Expressive Writing: EX. 10: Ethics in Personal Writing

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Do Not Know

I could completely relate to Debra Dickerson’s situation. I self-published a book called Do Not Know that talks about my mental illness of bipolar disorder. Former Toronto Mayor hopeful George Smitherman even bought the book when I was showcasing it at an Abilities Festival in the summer of 2010 at Nathan Philips Square.

This book was the most difficult one I ever wrote. I started it when I was in therapy after graduating from my Master’s degree at Concordia University in Montréal back in 1999. The psychiatrist I was in therapy with, Dr. Wiviott, even wrote a forward for the book that was under a different title that I do not even remember right now. I was so scared of publishing this book because of the way at times it makes my family looks. I, too, was a hypercritical child as Deborah Dickerson who was difficult to parent in my younger years. I was difficult with my mother and my father. I recall that at the age of 15, I even wished my father died and he said I would regret it. When he had his heart attack in 2007 – yes…I regretted it. At least he is still alive. The book still troubles me sometimes because I know it does not put my family in the best light at all times. It is the difficult thing, to tell the truth, yet sometimes our personal truth can be damaging to others. Especially when it is damaging to those we love, it can weigh extremely heavy on the heart. I cannot even bear to read this assignment over, it hurts so much to just think about it.

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