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Liquid Nails Can Help You Get Jobs Done Around the House - Photo Courtesy of Gail Bergman PR

New Adhesive Products Bind Like Nails

Unique Liquid Nails line works on wide range of surfaces, from concrete

to tub surrounds, enabling homeowners to nail it once and for all

Longueuil, Québec – June 6, 2011 – When it comes to adhesives, there’s a new product line on the market that nails it. Liquid Nails®, a complete line of adhesives for every home repair or construction project, is simple to use for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike.

Billed by many in the industry as a family of “miracle adhesives,” the products come in the form of a liquid, but work as strongly as nails,” says Nathalie Lambert, Liquid Nails Marketing Manager for AkzoNobel Decorative Paints Canada, which has introduced the products to the Canadian market.

What makes the Liquid Nails brand unique, she adds, is that each product is scientifically formulated to offer the best possible performance for any surface. “From small do-it-yourself home projects and crafts to some of the toughest challenges facing construction today, Liquid Nails offers the firmness and strength needed to make the task bind,” says Lambert.

The benefits of using adhesive over a hammer and nails are many, she explains. Not only is an adhesive easier to apply – even for the most inexperienced user – but there are times when nails simply aren’t the most suitable option, such as when installing a tub surround in a bathroom or mounting a flat-panel mirror to a wall. Users can also apply adhesive to panelling or moulding without the need to fill nail holes or worry about nail pops down the road.

The Liquid Nails line – which is already recognized as a category leader in the U.S. – includes adhesives for construction, indoor/outdoor carpeting, panelling and moulding, insulation panel and drywall, mirrors, tub surrounds, ceramic tiles, concrete, parquet and wood flooring, as well as squeezable all-purpose adhesives for leather, rubber, wood, foam, cardboard and more.

All Liquid Nails products meet Canadian VOC standards, with many meeting the stringent environmental standards put forward by the Greenguard Environmental Institute (GEI), Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Some Liquid Nails products are formulated to resist rain or snow, while others work in extreme temperatures, from -5°C to 48°C (22oF to 120oF).

“Every do-it-yourselfer knows that owning a home means an endless source of projects and repairs waiting to happen,” says Lambert. “With Liquid Nails, Canadian homeowners can be assured that, when using adhesive, they can nail a job once and for all!”

Available in hardware stores and building centres across Canada, Liquid Nails retails from $2.59 to $34.99, depending on size and formulation. For more information about Liquid Nails® or to find a retailer near you, please visit or call 1-800-463-7426.

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