Yoga Lifestyle Festival

Urban Yoga is Having a Yoga Festival – Photo Courtesy of Google Images

*** Centre will be closed this Monday, May 23***

Dear Friends,

Join us for the Annual Yoga Festival – InSpirit from Jun 16-26. Ten days of exciting spiritual adventure with amazing Monks like Devamrita Swami and Badahari Das who will be visiting Toronto for this festival. This June, seven amazing events:

16th: Reincarnation – Womb after Womb, Fact or Fiction?

17th: The Gita Unpacked – Crucial Wisdom for the Urban Mystic

18th: Why Life and Death – The story of Karma

20th: Longing for Love in the Land of Dreams

21st: Intelligent Life on Earth and Other Planets? What the Yoga Texts Say

23rd: The Vegan Revolution and Beyond – Consciousness Cooking

24th-26th: Bhakti retreat

Join us this Sunday, May 29th @ 11 AM for a special Krishna Fest – ‘Hope against hope’. Often it is said, when all else fails, hope carries one on. Come experience mantra chants with vibrant world music and hear the stimulating spiritual knowledge of ancient India. Relax over a super tasty vegan dinner with a diverse range of thoughtful people. RSVP at

Events for week of May 23rd

Wed 25th, Yoga, and Meditation, complete summer package: A 60-minute yoga class designed to stretch your muscles. Flow through a variety of postures starting with Sun Salutation. Rhythmic music of traditional Indian drums, cymbals, and tambourine in tune with the pace of the postures. Find details and RSVP at

Thu 26th, Vegan cooking classes-spring delights: Spring is the time to learn a variety of light and flavourful recipes. Learn in an interactive and participative environment so you can prepare quick meals for weekend and RSVP at

Fri 27th, Bhagavad-Gita – an introduction: All New Bhagavad Gita workshops. Join us to explore the ancient yoga mysteries of the east. Secrets of meditation, reincarnation, nature of soul, karma and all the fun stuff. Books will be provided, check details and RSVP at

Quote of the week: Not by merely abstaining from work can one achieve freedom from reaction, nor by renunciation alone can one attain perfection. (Bhagavad Gita As it is)




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