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Need a Contractor? Who You Gonna Call?

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New Renovantage™ Home Reno Group Provides Proven

One-Stop Service, Wide Range of Benefits for Homeowners

Oakville, Ontario – May 17, 2011 – We’ve all seen or heard the horror stories of home renovations gone awry. So when you decide to add a second storey, remodel a kitchen, or treat yourself to a luxurious bathroom, where do you turn for trusted service without the risk of losing your hard-earned dollars?

Enter Renovantage™ Inc., a brand-new concept in a home renovation that takes the worry out of home improvement projects. Initially introduced in the Greater Toronto Area – within the borders of Hamilton, Barrie, and Oshawa – and with plans to roll out across Canada, Renovantage gives homeowners access to fully-certified, highly-qualified contractors with the added advantages of a performance guarantee, competitive pricing, and convenient one-stop access to affordable architectural and design services.

“We’re filling a gap in the market with this first-of-its-kind service,” said Greg Peterson, President of Oakville-based Renovantage and the brainchild behind the concept, along with partner Michael Draper. “There are so many home renovation contractors out there and our studies show that most people don’t know where to turn, or even what questions to ask, when seeking out a professional renovator.”

Considering that Canada Housing and Mortgage Corp. figures peg Canadian spending on home renovations at $34 billion each year – $11 billion of which is spent in the GTA – that’s a lot of money being spent on what may be, in many cases, blind faith, Peterson said.

Renovantage consists of a group of small and mid-sized licensed contractors who specialize in all forms of home renovations, from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to complete two-storey additions. Each Renovantage contractor goes through a rigorous screening process prior to being accepted into the group, ensuring the business is “trusted, reputable and responsible,” Peterson explained, adding that this background check is much more detailed than a typical homeowner could carry out.

What’s more, the group provides homeowners with a range of services they couldn’t access through an individual contractor. For one, Renovantage contractors use one of the top estimating software packages in North America when pricing jobs, so “estimates are accurate and complete, giving homeowners confidence that they’re paying a fair market price and there shouldn’t be any surprises,” said Peterson. With this Right Price Renovations™ program, contractors simply enter the scope of work to be performed and the software tells them precisely how long each task should take, what materials are required and how much they cost.

Homeowners also benefit from the group’s No Risk Renos™ performance guarantee. In addition to providing affordable dispute resolution services that include mediation and arbitration if necessary, Renovantage protects homeowners by stepping in to complete the work in the unlikely event of an unsatisfactory outcome, using an irrevocable letter of credit from the contractor – each of whom carries appropriate liability insurance – to cover any additional expenses that may be incurred.

Another advantage is convenient access to high-quality architectural and design expertise – through an online consultation process with licensed professionals – at a fraction of the typical market cost. Once the design is finalized, homeowners shop for finishes at Renovantage’s 15,000-square-foot décor centre, where they work with a professional interior design consultant to select everything from faucets, sinks, and tiles to carpets, paint colours and countertops – a one-stop convenience that individual contractors aren’t in a position to provide, said Peterson.

“Consumers like trusted brands and we aim to be the home renovation brand of choice,” he explained. “Our comprehensive range of services clearly distinguishes a Certified Renovantage™ Contractor from everybody else out there.”

While Renovantage’s performance guarantee is unique in the consumer market, the concept is considered routine in the commercial construction industry, explained Peterson. “The extremely high level and systemized approach to planning, designing and completing renovations that our contractors bring to each project is common practice in commercial construction, but this is a first for residential renovations,” he said.

“With Renovantage, customers know they’re going to get good quality workmanship on time, on a budget, with minimal disruption and with a performance guarantee to back them up.”

For more information or to speak with a Renovantage certified contractor, please visit http://www.renovantage.com or call (416) 840-6566.

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