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Yoga Class - Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Dear Friends,

Events for week of April 25th

Tue 26th, Yoga- spring into action: A 60 minute yoga class designed to stretch your muscles. Flow through a variety of postures starting with Sun Salutation. Rhythmic music of traditional Indian drums, cymbals and tambourine in tune with pace of the postures. Find details and RSVP at

Wed 27th, Formula for world peace: World peace has occupied the thoughts and minds of politicians and people alike for millennia. Find out what ancient yoga texts have to share about a simple and easy formula for peace. Join us for an interactive discussion and RSVP at

Thu 28th, Vegan cooking classes-spring delights: Spring is the time to learn a variety of light and flavourful recipes. Learn in an interactive and participative environment so you can prepare quick meals for weekend and RSVP at

Fri 29th, Bhagavad-Gita – Bhakti yoga: A book of the Hindus or a mystery of the east, several myths surrounds this ancient text. Great mystics, thinkers and philosophers ranging from Gandhi to Emerson and Thoreau have derived great inspiration from it. Join us for an interactive reading group and RSVP at

Sun May 1st, Krishna Fest: Krishnafest is a unique time out. Come experience mantra chants with vibrant world music and hear the stimulating spiritual knowledge of ancient India. Relax over a super tasty vegan dinner with a diverse range of thoughtful people. RSVP at

Quote of the week: The indestructible, transcendental living entity is called Brahman, and his eternal nature is called adhyatma, the self. Action pertaining to the development of the material bodies of the living entities is called karma, or fruitive activities. (Bhagavad Gita as it is)



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