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DJ P-Plus is Bringing Something Unique to Hip Hop - Photo Courtesy of Google Images

By Christina Cheng

Urban Dictionary: Ones and Twos- Refers generically to DJ turntables, etymology is a derivative of the best-selling professional-grade DJ turntables, which has for better or worse become the de-facto standard in the club and/or radio studio world.]

DJ P-Plus…

Tall, dark and handsome would be too much of a cliché, so how about six-feet tall; warm, silky, chocolate-caramel brown skin; deep dark eyes, beautiful wide nose, plump full lips, with a strong face so concentrated and passionate.

Music moves him; the rhythm, the beat and the blues touch his soul. His body jerks to every upbeat note, his body sways to every smooth rhythm, his head bobs to every tempo. He’s in his groove, he’s in his own element- he sees nobody, hears nobody. At this moment it’s just him, the music, his headphones that cover the contours of his ears, his turntables that his large hands so gracefully spin on. This is him at his best, DJ P-Plus.

His passion for music is undeniable and his love of being a DJ is so remarkable. When asked, if he were never a DJ, what could he see himself doing at this moment and he effortlessly replied, “I don’t know if I would even be alive.”

Music is something that DJ P-Plus grew up on, he mentions it was always something he was exposed to since birth. “My mom and dad collected records and my stepfather was actually a DJ. So back in 1992, while looking at DJ packs… it was my moment of actualization. I realized that this is where I wanted to be,” he said.

DJ P-Plus is one of Toronto’s most renowned and well-respected DJ’s in the city. Striving for perfection is a high-yielding battle but for DJ P-Plus, it has always been his ultimate goal. With his passion to prevail and achieve, DJ P-Plus has racked up numerous accolades including multiple DJ of the Year awards; touring extensively across Canada, the U.S., Japan, Europe, the Caribbean, and has landed two regular commercial radio slots. Through his journey and experiences, DJ P-Plus has established a reputation for being one of Canada’s most multifaceted crowd-pleasers.

“Success,” he says, “is just the endless pursuit of perfection… When you’ve reached the pinnacle of an accomplishment in a certain area. It is the ability to move on to another challenge or goal,” he explains. Being able to continually build on the essentials and to be happy at the same time is what exemplifies success to him.

DJ P-Plus always exceeds to deliver what his audience wants to hear along with what his musical gut tells him. Playing on the radio to various clubs, local events, corporate events and concerts all across the world, DJ P-Plus has mastered all aspects of the DJ game.

“I can only describe his [DJ P-Plus] style of DJing in one word… Organic because it comes from the heart and it’s genuine. It’s nothing forced. I’ve seen P-Plus play at parties where you’re supposed to play a certain kind of music but he just plays whatever he feels at the time and it always seems to work,” says DJ Lissa Monet who is another one of Toronto’s best and well-known DJs in the city, and is also great friends with DJ P-Plus.

It’s no secret that the testament of DJ P-Plus’s success comes from being a true music connoisseur. Just like a wine connoisseur tastes the deep, rich flavours in a red wine and the smooth, silkiness of a white wine, DJ P-Plus embodies the deep rhythm in a hip-hop beat and the smooth melody of a jazz beat. While some DJs focus solely on one or two genres of music, he intentionally embraces all genres- from hip-hop to jazz, rock to reggae and everything else in between. When he drops that needle and starts to spin, what you hear is not just a series of songs, but his ability to create a soundtrack for an experience you’ll always remember.

One man, big city… The accomplishments of a Toronto native…

“The endless pursuit of perfection is the road I travel and will achieve. I do what I do because it motivates me to attempt the impossible.” -DJ P-Plus

The passion and drive of this Toronto native have allowed him to play at some of Canada’s biggest venues including the Air Canada Centre, West Edmonton Mall and The Guvernment Entertainment Complex just to name a few, as well as rocking the parties for clients such as Metro News, Nike, Saatchi & Saatchi, Apple, Bell Canada, Rogers, Ransom Holding Co. and many others. DJ P-Plus’s own brand of perfection gratifies to all, catering to each crowd and ensuring each person leaves with a musical experience that’s different from the last.

DJ P-Plus has a relentless work ethic and with 12 years of experience, he has not gone unnoticed – from television appearances on Much Music, NBA XL and BET, to numerous awards and nominations. DJ P-Plus was awarded with the Stylus Groups Underground DJ of the Year in 2008 and Dap Entertainment’s DJ of the Year. DJ P-Plus’s “The Real Frequency” show was recognized as Now Magazine’s Best Toronto Radio Show, and in 2009, he won the prestigious award for Stylus Radio Mix show DJ of the Year. Over the years, he has also earned the respect and acclaim from his musical peers, working with industry leaders such as Deborah Cox, EPMD, KRS-One, Colin Munroe, Beenie Man and Saukrates.

The year of 2009 was a rewarding year for DJ P-Plus as he launched his own company, known as P3 Entertainment. His company not only focuses on the artist’s development, but by working with clients such as buzz worthy Toronto rapper gone international, Drake and Toronto soul singer who also went international, Melanie Fiona. His company also provides brand management, consulting and DJ servicing. The company has already left a great impression on the music scene in Canada.

Good friend and work partner, DJ Lissa Monet explains how DJ P-Plus is when he’s in his element and when he’s serious about accomplishing success and perfection. She mentions that many may mistake his passion for what he does as an aggression, “some people mistake his passion for miserable-ness so sometimes when he says something he’s saying it because that’s how he feels and because he’s passionate about the idea and the subject, not because he’s miserable or wants to start anything.” She says his seriousness has to do with his passion and determination in accomplishing greatness. “He’ll say something in order to start a discussion in hopes to get a good debate out of it. In order to learn more about the subject at hand or the person.”

Whether it’s on radio, on stage, club venues or the corporate surroundings of brand marketing initiatives and galas, DJ P-Plus is unafraid to step outside the box and showcase his versatility in whatever outlet comes his way. DJ P-Plus shows that no matter where he is, he’ll always have a passion for music in his heart and perfection on his mind.

DJ P-PLUS on the New Flow 93.5 FM… Giving you the hits that move you…

In the summer of 2010, I landed my first radio job at the New Flow 93.5 FM right in the heart of the Toronto city. I remember having to slap the snooze button on my alarm clock at 4:30 a.m. from Monday to Friday for my 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. shift as a secretary and newsletter editor. Everyday I made sure my hair was done, make-up looked natural and my blouses and pants we ironed. I thought to myself that I had to look presentable in front of these broadcast radio personals, famous DJs and famous local and international artists and producers that may pop in.

I was always a fan and regular listener to the radio station and I had a few favourite radio personals and DJs in mind but I was never able to match their faces to their voices so everyday was exciting for me to discover.

I remember at around 11:30 a.m. everyday, I’d see a tall, dark and handsome fellow dressed casually, comfortable, yet very stylish, carrying a load of his DJ equipment into the studio. He always greeted me with a nod and a smirk or a “hey, what’s up?” but never was there a casual introduction as to who he was but there was something about him that was mysterious and intriguing.

I was at my desk enjoying my lunch when12 o’clock hit and on the radio station I hear radio personal Jenny come on the microphone, “Hey, it’s your girl Jenny and you’re listening to the Midday Mix on the New Flow 93.5 giving you the hits that move you, with your boy on the ones and twos, DJ P-Plus!”

It was then and there that I put DJ and face together. DJ P-Plus was one of my favourite DJs on the radio station and there he was in the studio right next door and I got a “hey, what’s up?” with a nod and a smile from him just moments ago. There I was at my seat freaking out and in shock. Moments later, I found myself moving and grooving to his mixes on the radio like it was nobodies business. Today, him and I are good friends and keep in touch from time to time.

DJ P-Plus was a resident DJ on Toronto’s CHR-Rhythmic radio station, The New FLOW 93.5 FM, DJ P-Plus took his listeners on a musical journey through two mix shows, the Midday Mix during weekday afternoons, and then his second slot, the award-winning, “The Real Frequency” show, where his extensive knowledge of hip-hop shone through.

Inspiration all around DJ P-Plus is what moves him to be more as a person and to do more in his life. “To see other hard working DJs is definitely one of the things that inspire me. The other I would have to say is my niece. I love her and she’s definitely my motivation,” he says. Being the humble person he is, DJ P-Plus mentioned that one of his greatest influences is DJ Starting from Scratch who also DJs at the New Flow 93.5 FM radio station. “He is a celebrity in my eyes and a man of unquestionable talent,” he said.

DJ P-Plus & DJ Lissa Monet…

DJ Lissa Monet is originally from Toronto and is known as one of Toronto’s best and well-known DJs out today. She has been influenced by such legends as Mary J. Blige, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Hall & Oates, Phil Collins mixed with music from her Caribbean upbringing and a passion for reading album liner notes.

As a teen, Lissa jumped feet first into the music business industry providing information to other industry colleagues in hopes of cultivating new business partnerships and opportunities. It was then that Lissa Monet met DJ P-Plus.

“I always knew P-Plus before I started DJing. I would go to parties and he would do parties on Yonge St. and that’s where I’d go and hear him spin and he would spin underground hip hop with a whole bunch of other DJs,” she explained.

Since then, DJ Lissa Monet and DJ P-Plus always had a mutual respect for one another in the DJ community. “It’s just one those things where I knew about him and he knew about me and then when I started getting serious about DJing, we would play together at different events,” she said.

When Lissa Monet started getting gigs for clubs, her and DJ P-Plus would play together at specific events and he would teach her a thing or two. “We always had the same mind frame when it came to music and the type of music we played for parties. We were always in sync when it came to stuff like that,” she said.

Today, DJ P-Plus and DJ Lissa Monet are partners in crime and share a brother-sister relationship. Together they teamed up with a ‘Love Letters & Broken Hearts Mixtape’ which they create and release every Valentine’s Day. Their music choices and mixes come together to take lovers and ex-lovers on a musical journey. Their mixes in music focus on the joy of love, the anguish of heartbreaks and the songs that emotionally affect us. DJ P-Plus and DJ Lissa Monet take turns in mixing songs between the Love Letters segment and the Broken Hearts segment.

Having a brotherly and sisterly relation with one another, DJ Lissa Monet explains DJ P-Plus as “Mr. Over Analyzer”. She mentions that he likes to analyze everything and dig deep into the root of everything- whether it’s something good or something bad. “He’s just like ‘Oh, why does this happen?’ or ‘Why does that happen?’ and ‘So, okay, well, if that happens then why does this happen?’ which always ends up being the foundation of really good conversations,” she explains which can also be a good thing.

She says DJ P-Plus is a very inquisitive person. “He doesn’t really think about himself in certain situations but would always want to know the reasons for others and the reasons to why things happens.”

DJ P-Plus, the humanitarian…

Not only is he young, talented, and known in the industry light, he’s also very selfless, giving and kind-hearted. His will to help others in and around the city is beyond exceptional and his willingness to help the less fortunate is phenomenal. DJ P-PLUS is known as a humanitarian. Last year, he went to Haiti to help rebuild efforts for the country in destruction. He set up a charity event called, Hoopin’ for Haiti to get the city of Toronto involved in supporting his humanitarian trip and to help raise funds for the Haiti Relief Efforts. DJ P-PLUS also holds an inaugural event called, Plugged in with P-PLUS where the focus of the event is to plug people into the electrical talent that exists to drive and inspire many individuals on a positive note and all proceeds raised from a silent auction are donated to Lupus Canada.

When asked what his best top three personality traits are he responded, “I am very passionate, I love hard, and I forgive easily.”

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