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Evan Money is the self-titled #1 online life coach, global entrepreneur, and author. He lives around the corner from the new Trump Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes in Southern California. He looks out from his gazebo and sees the whales migrating. His bride of 13 years is a full-time Mom with a full-time nanny/chef at her disposal. He does not own an alarm clock, rather he wakes up when he is done sleeping, plays with his kids and then goes into his home office and creates wealth, writes books or just thinks. Life is tremendous!

“First off my real last name is Money and in my case, my bride literally married money,” he writes. “However when we were first married I didn’t have any LOL! Many a time we were the ones putting groceries back at the supermarket because we simply didn’t have enough money. So how did we go from that to being able to spoil my bride with a private chef/nanny and allow her to be a stay-home Mom? How did we go from a one-bedroom rental house to overlooking the water around the corner from Trump National Golf Course? How did I grow my business from nothing to a multimillion-dollar extreme sports empire?

“The funny thing is the five simple steps I took are very simple and easy. The only challenge is these steps are easy not to do as well. The first thing I did was forgive my Dad. I decided to stop blaming him and I took responsibility for my life. In fact the year I forgave my Dad I tripled my income. That is the power of forgiveness. Weak people can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.

“The second step I used was the power of the spoken word. You get what you say. I hear people all the time say, “I feel so tired” or “ I never get the good breaks” and guess what, that’s exactly what they get. I started speaking what I wanted. I have never taken a day off work because of sickness in almost 20 years and I get all kinds of good breaks because that’s what I speak.

“The third step I used was the power of visualization which is also known as the law of attraction. This law was used by Jacob in the Old Testament days so there is nothing “New Age” or mystical about it. Jacob had a deal that he could keep any streaked or spotted offspring from the solid coloured cows he had. So he put striped pieces of wood in front of his cattle’s water and feeding troughs so they would visualize stripes whenever they are or drank. Guess what? The cattle’s off-spring where striped! If this law even works for cattle why aren’t you using it?

“Every picture my wife and I have put on our refrigerator has come to pass. From private jet travel to massages on the beach in Hawaii to a new dream home we have an offer on that will be accepted this week.

“The fourth step is we believed. This means different things to different people with a relationship to their religion or non-religion. Jesus summed it up the best when he said: “ Become what you believe.” For those that have no time or desire for religion then you must start by simply believing in yourself. Do you think Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Michael Dell and other billionaires do not believe in themselves?

“The fifth and final step is where most people drop the ball. You have to TAKE ACTION. Take Action and the world is yours! Jack Canfield was asked about the Law of Attraction after The Secret became such a hit movie. He laughed and told about people saying they have watched the movie 50 times and they visualize things every day. Jack recommended those people get off the couch and go outside and get to work on their dreams. I’m so passionate about taking action I wrote a hit book about it titled: Take Action Now; How to Live Your Dreams in Less Than 3 Weeks available on Amazon and Kindle. The only thing that is keeping you from your dreams is taking action!

Evan Money, the #1 online life coach can be contacted at 1-877-WOW-EVAN. His website is www.lifecoach5.com.

Take ACTION and the world is yours!

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