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New Air Cooling Unit is Hot

Photo Courtesy of Gail Bergman PR

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By Gail Bergman PR

First-of-its-kind ductless air conditioner reduces some bacteria, odours and viruses

Markham, Ontario – February 10, 2011 – Here’s a really hot idea as far as cool products go. A first-of-its-kind air conditioning product is now available in Canada that improves air quality, while solving room temperature problems, significantly decreasing energy costs and reducing humidity in the home. It also acts as a heat pump to warm the house in winter.

Called the Daikin QuaternityTM ductless system, the product is the only air cooling unit that improves indoor air quality, helping to protect against infections and allergies. Containing an advanced air cleaning and purification system, it decomposes and removes unwanted bacteria (including E. coli), allergens, molds, odours and other hazardous chemical materials.

Whereas traditional cooling systems are designed to run on full load when they start up, ultimately leading to energy waste, Daikin systems conserve energy by delivering only the amount of cooling – or heating in winter – needed to maintain the desired temperature or humidity setting in a room, resulting in energy savings of up to 30 per cent. A built-in dehumidifier allows users to set and monitor relative humidity for optimum comfort, enabling the humidity to be lowered without reducing the temperature.

“With Daikin Quaternity, the temperature always feels comfortable, whether it’s a living space over the garage that tends to get too hot or cold, a high-humidity area like a bathroom or fitness area, or an entire floor of a home,” said Tom Loughran, President of Markham, Ont.-based Comfort Connections, distributor for Daikin, one of the top heating, air filtration, and air conditioning manufacturers in the world.

“The unit redefines the way the world thinks about cooling and heating,” said Loughran, comparing the ground-breaking technology – called inverter technology – to a car accelerator. Unlike traditional air conditioning systems, the unit will not frequently start and stop, rather it will operate at energy-conserving levels by gradually increasing the speed of the compressor as needed to either cool down or heat up a room. Just like a car is more efficient traveling on a highway than it is in stop-and-go city traffic, Loughran explains that the unit reaches the set point faster and maintains a more constant temperature compared to traditional systems.

The easy-to-install unit comes with two components: an indoor wall-mounted unit – operated by a wireless remote controller – that regulates air flow in rooms, and a unique outdoor condensing unit that is quiet, ozone-friendly and connects to the indoor unit via small, insulated lines designed to prevent energy loss, a smart alternative to inefficient ductwork.

“With warmer temperatures around the corner, now’s the time to start thinking about better ways to cool your home this summer,” noted Loughran, adding that Daikin produces a wide range of other cooling and heating units with varying features and price points.

The Daikin Quaternity retails between $3,600-$4,200, plus installation, with other Daikin models starting from $2,100. Comfort Connections can arrange for a free assessment of a home’s cooling or heating needs. For more information or to locate a dealer near you, visit www.comfortconnections.com or call 1-800-755-0490.

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