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Colour Zoning Hot Trend for 2011

Sico has introduced a new colour zoning leaflet, available free of charge at retailers across Canada, that features a range of creative design and colour ideas.

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Blocks of colours bring walls to life, highlight room features

Longueuil, Quebec – February 1, 2011 – Looking to freshen up your home décor? Zone in on colour.

According to leading paint brand Sico, colour zoning is coming back in a big way this year and that means more and more Canadians will be using their walls as a canvas to create original, dynamic living spaces.

Colour zoning, or using blocks of colour to highlight walls and room features, “is the hottest trend in home décor right now, from using paint to create shapes like squares, rectangles, stripes or circles on walls, to outlining special architectural elements and furnishings,” said Dominique Pépin, Marketing Manager for Sico and a Chairholder of the international colour forecaster Color Marketing Group. As a result, Sico has just launched a new colour zoning brochure that features a range of creative design and colour ideas.

“It’s all about using colours creatively to add interest to spaces and bring rooms to life,” Pépin explained, attributing the growing popularity of colour zoning to an increase in people’s desire to express themselves through home décor. “People today invest more time in decorating their surroundings and are demonstrating this by using colour in unique ways to deliver personal style to their living spaces.”

According to Pépin, colour zoning is an ideal way to express oneself because it presents limitless possibilities. “Using graphic elements on an empty wall is an easy and inexpensive way to dress up a room, whether adding a touch of fun, sophistication or flair.”

Colour zoning, or using blocks of colour to highlight spaces, has become the hottest trend in home décor. Featured on the walls of this living room are Sico’s Call of the Loon (6183-41) grey and Egyptian Rose (6080-31) pink.

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bazelASA 008

For example, colour zoning techniques can be used to visually separate a dining area from a living room, create an illusion of a headboard or fireplace surround, produce a medallion effect on the ceiling around a chandelier or frame decorative items like mirrors, photographs or paintings, she suggests. With the right combination of colours and shapes, colour zoning can even take the place of artwork.

Pépin offers this advice on getting started with a colour zoning project:

Get the look: Determine the feeling you’d like to create in your room, then, study the size of the space and placement of furniture to see where colour blocks would best fit. If you have a low table, for example, you may choose to give the room more height by painting a different colour zone on the wall extending from the top of the table to the ceiling. If your space is small, you can give it the illusion of being larger by painting a horizontal stripe – on one wall or all four – which makes the room appear wider than it actually is. If you have a bare wall, consider giving it personality and dimension with an artistic creation featuring varied shapes in different colours and sizes, or paint a large square on the wall to create a backdrop for a favourite painting or piece of furniture.

Map it out: Once you decide on the type of look you’re after, sketch the shapes to be painted on a piece of paper. Be aware that circles and curved lines or overlapping shapes tend to invoke a light and fun feeling, whereas rectangles and sharp edges can create a more serious space. Make sure your design is mapped out in a geometric, visually-balanced arrangement. Then, measure and draw out the shapes on the wall using a light pencil. If your design involves straight lines, outline them with painter’s tape. Using a paintbrush rather than a roller, carefully paint within the lines of your shape. For a clean edge, limit the amount of paint on your brush.

Colour is key: Draw colour inspiration from paintings, fabrics or flowers in the room. Keep in mind that using hues from the same colour family conveys a sophisticated, soothing look whereas contrasting colours deliver a more dynamic feel. For a harmonious décor, choose colours from the same colour sample card, but in varying intensities. For eye-catching contrasts, select complementary colours (those that are opposite one another on the colour wheel), using both light and dark punch colours to brighten up a neutral-toned room. Combinations such as Sico’s Call of the Loon (6183-41) grey and Egyptian Rose (6080-31) pink add refined elegance to a living space, whereas a mix of more energetic colours like Sico’s Impatiens (6033-63) pink, Ming Red (6052-65) and Dynastic Orange (6065-64) create a fun and playful look.

Using a mix of energetic colours, such as Sico’s Impatiens (6033-63) pink, Ming Red (6052-65) and Dynastic Orange (6065-64), pictured on the walls of this shelving unit, creates a fun and playful look.

“When it comes to colour zoning, the only limit is your imagination,” said Pépin. “Be adventurous – some of the most unexpected colour combinations can look terrific and make for a great conversation piece.”

Sico’s new colour zoning leaflet is available free of charge at retailers across the country. To locate a retailer near you or to test colour combinations online with Sico’s unique Virtual Decorator web tool, visit http://www.sico.ca.

About Sico (www.sico.ca)

Sico is a brand of AkzoNobel, the Canadian leader in decorative paints serving the consumer, professional renovation and construction markets. AkzoNobel produces and supplies a wide range of paints, coatings and specialty chemicals, including the leading Sico brand. The company employs nearly 2,000 people in three manufacturing plants, four distribution centres and more than 225 corporate stores across Canada. Dedicated to delivering high-performance solutions and quality products, AkzoNobel has unrivaled technical expertise that meets the current and future needs of its customers.

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