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Butting Out

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I have started the journey of quitting smoking – this time for good.

On Sunday, I had one cigarette. That in itself is a real accomplishment for me. I have been using the aid of nicorette gum to help with cravings. I also called the Smoker’s Helpline to find out that cravings do not last forever, it is good to distract yourself and also may help to make a list of things to do and stick to it. I also found out something shocking. With the amount I was smoking at my height of addiction…I was losing 1.5 hours every day just smoking! Shocking! Wow…every day mind you. That averages our to 10.5 hours each week. That is like basically spending a one night’s good night’s rest each week simply smoking. Absolutely amazing. Not to mention how much I was spending on cigarettes which was in excise of more than $3,000.00 CDN per year. I hope that this will encourage others to quit smoking. It really is an important and vital step to make for your overall well-being.

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