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2010 Holiday R.I.D.E. program, Final update

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 – 6:02 PM
Traffic Services

The Toronto Police Service 2010 Holiday R.I.D.E. program has finished. A total of 1,711 officers dedicated 5,120 hours to the Holiday R.I.D.E. program in Toronto. A total of 336 spot checks were conducted with the following results:

A comparison to the final results in 2009 is provided.

Final spot check summary 2010 (day 37)

• Vehicles stopped: 98,815
• Drivers tested: 1,805
• Charged Over 80 (includes all Over 80 charges): 49
• Charged refuse (includes all fail/refuse charges): 5
• Charged impaired: 22
• Issued warn range suspension: 177
• Issued 90-day suspension: 50
• Total suspensions issued: 227
• Vehicles impounded: 129
• Total people charged: 60
• Total drinking and driving charges laid: 76

Final spot check summary 2009 (day 37)

• Vehicles stopped: 99,850
• Drivers tested: 1,715
• Charged Over 80 (includes all Over 80 charges): 60
• Charged refuse (includes all fail/refuse charges): 16
• Charged impaired: 23
• Issued warn range suspension: 190
• Issued 90-day suspension: 76
• Total suspensions issued: 266
• Vehicles impounded: 136
• Total people charged: 76
• Total drinking and driving charges laid: 99

One in every 33 drivers tested at a spot-check resulted in the driver being arrested for a criminal drinking and driving offence and one in 10 drivers tested resulted in a warn range driver’s licence suspension.

These numbers reflect the Toronto Police R.I.D.E. spot-checks only.

With the new seven-day impound legislation starting on Wednesday, December 1, 2010, Toronto Police Officers have impounded 170 vehicles for drinking and driving.

Six people were killed in Toronto in 2010 due to the criminal activity of drinking and driving.

The Toronto Police Service conducts R.I.D.E. spot checks throughout the year to ensure that citizens arrive at their destinations safely, and will continue to work cooperatively with members of the public to heighten society’s awareness of the dangers associated with impaired driving.

Together we can make a difference, by sending a strong message to our communities that impaired driving will not be tolerated.

Plan ahead. Don’t drink and drive.

For further information, please contact Toronto Police Service Ride Coordinator, Constable Wendy Johnston, at 416-808-1954.

The Toronto Police Service is dedicated to ensuring the safe and orderly movement of traffic within the City of Toronto. Stay informed with what’s happening at Traffic Services on Twitter and Facebook.

Constable Tony Vella, Corporate Communications, for Constable Wendy Johnston, Traffic Services


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