Tattooed with 100,000 Websites!

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Photo Courtesy of CNW

Quebecer to break a Guinness world record

December 06, 2010 @ 01:00AM

MONTREAL– Patrick Vaillancourt, a 29-year-old from Montreal, will attempt to break a world record by being tattooed with 100,000 Internet addresses. The time limit: one year. But judging by the interest the Back 2 The Light project has already aroused, Patrick Vaillancourt has every hope of becoming the man with “the most Websites tattooed on his body” before summer 2011.

But where did this ambitious and somewhat zany idea originate? “I woke up one morning and just felt like taking up the challenge,” says Patrick Vaillancourt. “I’m not an athlete and I can’t run like a gazelle, but I do have the guts to get tattooed!” explains Mr. Vaillancourt, who will be donating more than half the money raised through the project to humanitarian organization CARE Canada ( “I want to break a Guinness world record, but more importantly I want to help others. And this is my way of doing so.” Prior to embarking on the Back 2 The Light project, Patrick, who is the father of a young son, made several inquiries before determining which organization he would donate the proceeds to. “I chose CARE Canada because its mission touches me personally. The organization’s aid workers and volunteers work directly with the community, and in particular with women and children in Haiti.” “This is also the reason why Amauta Internet Marketing decided to become the main sponsor,” says Amauta president Hernan Cespedes. (

How does it work?
Patrick Vaillancourt invites businesses, big and small, as well as individuals, to have their Internet address inscribed on his back at minimal cost. And Facebook and Twitter pages are also eligible! What’s more, participants will be given additional visibility thanks to the creation of the Website with integrated hyperlinks that will, among other things, boost the search engine positioning of the participants’ sites. And the Back 2 The Light site has already attracted thousands of visitors.

Though Patrick Vaillancourt may be a “spontaneous guy,” he is also a man of real conviction and passion who’s not afraid of getting involved. “The Back 2 The Light project is really important to me and that’s why I’m putting so much time and energy into it.”

To find out more about the project or to help make this Guinness world record a success, visit

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