ID Please!

Jennifer Winters Writes About Government Identification – Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Winters

Written By: Jennifer Winters

Driving, drinking, gambling is only a few examples of when one would require government photo identification. If you do not do any of these outings, it would seem pointless to have ID with you.

In Ontario a health card is not sufficient enough for proof of who you are, even to open up a movie account to rent movies you need two pieces of ID. I for one do not drive, I do have my G1 (learner’s permit) for the sake of having identification on me. I usually leave it at home, so last night was no different. I had gone to a concert in an open field trusting I would not have to have proof of who I was. I was right until my friends had decided to go to a bar and dance the night away. I am almost 27 years old and I thought the getting “carded” would have stopped. I had only brought the necessities to the concert (blanket, water & a sweatshirt), why bring anymore? It didn’t even cross my mind to bring more than that, I feel foolish yet I am getting tired of having to bring more cards with me when I don’t even do the “drinking, driving, gambling” when I go out. As we were walking to the bar, the security guard was asking for ID left right and center, so we decided to try another place, luckily the next place did not card and we were allowed in. This was all to listen to music and dance, the embarrassment to try and sneak in and be legal about it was funny. So the next time you go out and you think it is not important to bring ID, do not go with your instant, BRING YOUR WALLET!


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