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I Do! Part 31

Jennifer Winters Writes About Marriage – Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Winters

Jennifer Winters - July 19, 2010

Written by: Jennifer Winters

The summer is almost here, the shorts and skirts are out, patios are bright and beaming and ‘tis the season to break up? Over the last few weeks, most of my friends that are not married yet are breaking up with their partners some short relationships and some that have been going on for several years. I have been married for little over a year, and sometimes I worry about one thing, how do you keep the romance going seeing that everyone else is not? Then it dawned on me that today was my parent’s 31st wedding anniversary and they are still going strong with everything they have gone through, still happily married. Life, in general, these days is hard t cope with let alone having a partner in the mix, but when we are ready to make the commitment how far are we willing to go?

Love as we all know can be complicated no matter what the relationship is, but when it comes down to settling down how well do you really know your partner? What we see in Hollywood happens in our daily lives as well it is just not publicly broadcasted which I am sure is the way we like to keep things. Simple! Yet that is hardly the case, it is always working to keep the love going and you must be willing to try different approaches to your relationship to make it work.

Witnessing the love I see that my parents have for each other is remarkable, but I know it hasn’t always been easy. They have had to overcome, cancer, bypass surgery; a child’s battle with cancer and that is just the short list. I have seen these tear people apart but I know they are far from being the “perfect couple” but they have worked it out over the years. Do we really give it all in relationships? Or is it just what we want to put in. Rather it be at age 12, 20, 40 or even 60 we will all experience heartbreak it is a part of living and growing from our experiences, and especially in our early teens and mid 20’s it is more likely to get our heartbroken more times because we are so scared and fragile and new to the world of dating let alone love.

During my first year of marriage there have been more ups and downs then what I was expecting to have, but it’s life on life’s terms and I forget that a lot of times, that I made vows that I intend to keep to the best of my ability and with that you can only go up if you choose to stick around and work out your problems.

All of these questions do have an answer and it is quite simple, it just depends on what the relationship means to you as an individual and what you are willing to do about it when the times get tough!

SO! With the summer approaching just keep in mind to have fun we do not need to end our relationships to do so.

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