Hug a Tree

Chris Temelkos Writes About the Health Benefits of Trees – Photo Courtesy of

Chris Temelkos - June 26, 2010

By Chris Temelkos

Trees have been around for millions of years, some of our oldest trees are 3,000 years old and still kicking. However, you may not be aware of all the benefits trees provide. In a year, a single tree can offset the carbon dioxide produced by a car driving 41,600 kilometers, how’s that for bragging rights.

The environmental benefits of trees do not end there, trees filter toxic pollutants, help reduce flooding, improve water quality and much more, like providing shelter for a variety of critters. Trees aren’t just good for the environment, they do wonders for us, like provide shade, reduce noise, protect us from the sun’s harmful UV rays and a plethora of other amazing things.

The last thing you would think of when struggling in tough economic times like these, is planting trees. Well, by planting 3 trees strategically around your home you can cut your heating costs 10-30 per cent and cooling costs by 10-50 per cent and If your thinking of selling your home, a tree can help in that respect as well, because they add to your property value.

This list of benefits can go on and on, but instead of me listing them all, I’ve decided you could use the extra time to go plant yourself a tree and enjoy it in all its glory.



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