Deli Meat Dilemma

Chris Temelkos Writes About Deli Meats – Photo Courtesy of

Chris Temelkos - June 25, 2010

By Chris Temelkos

Next time your thinking of piling on the deli meat, think twice and reach for some slow cooked roast beef. A new study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that red meat may not be that bad for us, as long as it hasn’t been smoked, cured or preserved in any way.

The Harvard study took a look at 20 relevant studies involving over 1 million adults from 10 countries and found, on average, that each 50 gram daily serving of processed meat is linked with a 42 percent higher risk of developing heart disease and a 19 percent higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Lead researcher, Renata Micha says that processed meats are hazardous to our health because they contain 4 times more sodium and 50 percent more nitrate preservatives than unprocessed red meat. However, this is not a pass to eat all the red meat you can. Canada’s Food Guide recommends 2 servings of meat or meat alternatives a day for women and 3 for men. Unfortunately, serving sizes aren’t very large, at only 75 grams.

Your best bet to living a heart-healthy lifestyle is to eat a well-balanced diet including a variety of fruits and veggies, fish, nuts and whole grains.



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