Grieving at the OSPCA

Chris Temelkos Writes About a Mock Funeral – Photo Courtesy of the Toronto Star

Chris Temelkos - June 22, 2010 - Star

By Chris Temelkos

Over 100 protesters, several dressed in black, were in tears, as a mock funeral was held for the 99 animals euthanized after a ringworm outbreak at the Newmarket shelter.

Sadness was not the only emotion present, enraged protesters demanded the board of directors to resign and urged York Regional Police to lay criminal charges against the organization for causing unnecessary suffering, pain, and death to the animals under its care.

Other than the 99 animals euthanized, 96 animals are in foster homes, 15 dogs were stolen and of the 140 remaining animals, 8 are turtles, that were not affected by the outbreak. The ringworm outbreak is believed to have been brought by four Himalayan cats that did not show any signs of infection.

Three animal will be euthanized for behavioral issues, 15 that were brought in during the investigation are being housed in a portable building and 91 cats, as well as 23 dogs, are set for further testing. OSPCA Chairman, Rob Godfrey says there was a miscommunication and up to 350 animal could be euthanized, not necessarily, all 350. Excuses aside, many feel that something must be done to protect the remaining animals from following the same fate as the others.


Toronto Star


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