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Chris Temelkos Writes About Pain Sufferers – Photo Courtesy of

Chris Temelkos - June 18, 2010

By Chris Temelkos

Do you suffer from moderate to severe pain? If so, you’ll be interested to hear that a pain awareness group is calling for a national strategy to address the problem, due to the crippling health and economic costs of pain.

The poll, conducted by Leger Marketing found that 85% of adult Canadians had suffered at least one incidence of moderate to severe pain and 30% felt pain at least a few days each week. The majority of pain sufferers in this study were found to treat their symptoms with over the counter products, but one in six turned to alcohol, illegal drugs or non-prescribed medications. Of the 1,033 adults in the study, 55% did not seek treatment and 31% were not happy with the treatment.

Estimates say that six to eight million Canadians live with chronic pain. It’s not just those in pain who are suffering, the economy is taking a hit as well, a 2008 study found that chronic pain costs the health care system more than $6 billion a year and causes absenteeism as well as loss of income and jobs to chronic pain sufferers. With any luck, this study will make the treatment of pain, a health care priority in Canada.


Globe and Mail


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