Workplace Bullying

Chris Temelkos Writes About Workplace Bullying – Photo Courtesy of

Chris Temelkos - June 13, 2010

By Chris Temelkos

You may think you’re days of being bullied are behind you. Think again, bullying continues to plague us in the workplace and women are the biggest culprits. A 2003 study, done by the Workplace Bullying & Trauma Institute indicates that 58% of bullies in the workplace are women and 87 percent of the time, women bully other women.

If those statistics didn’t surprise you, the study also found that whether the bully is male or female, the recipient of their abuse is usually a woman. It doesn’t stop there, the study found that bullies operate very differently according to their gender, males are more likely to scream at their targets in public while using name-calling tactics and women tend to use indirect passive aggression. However, the reality is grim, only 13% of workplace bullies are brought to task while 87% of bullied employees end up leaving their jobs.

Workplace bullying doesn’t just put a damper on your career, it also puts a damper on your health. Employees who are bullied at work often suffer from panic attacks, insomnia and a variety of viral and bacterial infections. Sadly, bullied employees put up with this behavior for too long until it affects their health. It is important to get out of a toxic environment before you jeopardize your well being, after all, what is money without health.


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2 Comments on “Workplace Bullying

  1. When i left school i thought it would all stop and then it got worse, work is much more challenging and the power the bullies have is they know people need the money.

    My experiences helped me greately in understanding the minds of bullies and i feel fortunate to be able to pass on that informtion now as a coach and trainer.

    There is always a way out…

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