The Trouble with 3-D

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By Chris Temelkos

With the growing popularity of 3-D films like Avatar, 3-D TVs our now being sold across Canada in hopes of replacing the common 2-D viewing experience. Despite their amazing graphics and jaw dropping effects, 3-D televisions can pose a health risk.

3-D works by using 3-D glasses, these glasses cause both the left and right eye to shutter 60 times per second which can cause dizziness, lightheadedness, eye and muscle twitching, cramps and nausea in some people. Experts are warning pregnant women, the elderly, those in bad physical condition or in need of sleep, or those who have been drinking to avoid 3-D due to the risks involved.

I have personally not seen a 3-D film as of yet and don’t plan on buying a 3-D television anytime soon. However, I feel that when are health is being jeopardized for entertainment purposes, we may be pushing technology too far and this is our bodies way of telling us enough is enough.

Whether you choose to buy into the 3-D fad, be aware of the potential risks and if you experience any of the side effects I mentioned, step back and reenter the world of 2-D.


The Globe and Mail

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