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Chris Temelkos - April 27, 2010

By Chris Temelkos

I often spend my weekends driving to the country. I take in the fresh air and the beautiful scenery that surrounds me. The countryside provides me with a sense of tranquility and serenity that cannot be found in the bustling city. The sound of horses trotting, cows mooing and roosters cawing is music to my ears, a getaway from the sound of traffic and construction.

I remember my Mother taking me up to the country every weekend. I would spend hours jumping in the hay and feeding the animals vegetables that I had brought with me along the way. When it was time to go I’d throw a fit, not wanting to leave the beauty and simplicity of the countryside. My Mother and I still travel to the country quite frequently, and I still dream of one day living there.

As each day passes, my love for the country grows and I hope to one day raise a family of my own on the countryside and pass my passion for nature and simplicity on to my children. We can only be one with nature if we give back to it, what it gives to us. The countryside has given so much to me, I think it’s time I owe it back.

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