New tool helps doctors and physician assistants provide better patient care

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Physician Assistants - Februrary 10, 2010

OTTAWA, Feb. 10 /CNW Telbec/ – The Canadian Medical Association (CMA), in partnership with the Canadian Association of Physician Assistants (CAPA) today launched the “Physician Assistant Toolkit”, designed to enhance awareness and answer physician questions surrounding the role of physician assistants (PAs).

“CMA is excited about PAs and the benefit they promise for patients in their complementary medical role,” said CMA president Dr. Anne Doig. “The toolkit will advance physicians’ understanding of PAs and is a resource to consult as they integrate PAs into their practice.”

The 28-page toolkit presents PA funding and employment models, as well as liability, regulation, education and certification information. It also features frequently-asked-questions and testimonials about the benefits of physician assistants in the medical workplace.

“The toolkit is the result of a combined team effort dedicated to improving collaborative care, patient and provider satisfaction, and to minimizing patient wait times,” added Ian W. Jones, National President, CAPA. “It is an important guide for physicians on how to build successful relationships with PAs for better patient care.”

The CMA, in collaboration with CAPA, maintains a national accreditation process for physician assistant educational programs, to prepare physician assistant practitioners to provide safe and effective medical care, thereby extending physician services and improving patient access to quality care.

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