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TOK - January 4, 2010

As a professor, I was fortunate to receive the TOK reading series, issued by the University of Toronto. The TOK series is a collection of three books, all of them anthologies.

Once I finally got down to completing the series, other books interrupting the flow of my reading of the series, in general, I am glad that I did read this series. In particular, stories by Olive Senior and Lawrence Hill stand out. There are other stories in there that would be a great inspiration to an emerging writer to help them execute the craft of narrative.

Without giving away the plot to any of the stories, just know that this is a series worth investing in. The stories deal with a variety of topics, from the Russian mafia to wayward fathers, to the experience of being on Toronto’s public transit.

One of the most beautiful things about the stories is that they all take place in Toronto on the most part. These stories are all a way to connect to this city, as well to understand what lays in the heart of minds of new and old immigrants – be it right or wrong.

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