Sign Up! and Happy Holidays!

In Beauty, Business, Contact Information, Creative Writing, Culture, Education, Entertainment, Living, Media Writing, Music, Opinion, Technology, Writing (all kinds) on December 23, 2009 at 4:29 AM

I discovered something that can make you feel like a star.

I was on the computer last night, just after finishing a conversation with a friend and client of mine I am doing editing for her first book. I popped into my computer a CD that I borrowed from the Toronto Public Library. The CD was a Michael Bublé one with the song “Come Fly With Me” on it. On the CD, Michael Bublé offers his fans the opportunity to sign up to his mailing list. At first I declined. Then I thought how cool it would be to receive an email from Mr. Bublé. I popped back in the CD and signed up. Sure enough, there was an automated response with the name of Michael Bublé in my inbox.

As the CD was burning, I then thought about doing this for other singers I admire. I set up one for Madonna, Janet Jackson, India Arie and Seal. I tried to set up one for Jill Scott and Maxwell, however I could not see where this option was available online.

If you ever wanted to feel like a star and have some fun doing so at the same time – this is an extremely cost-effective way to do it. I also went on Barack Obama’s website and received a personal greeting from the President of the United States too.

Even with all of these special gadgets such as email from celebrities to make anyone feel special around the holiday season, I must say it has been the warm phone calls with the promise of making new friends, the touching cards from extraordinary people and the thoughts and kind words from students, colleagues and family of well wishes for the holidays that really touches my heart more.

Merry Christmas everyone, Happy Holidays and do have a Splendid New Year!

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