CIL Paint Colour Forecast: Blue Skies Ahead for 2010

Gail Bergman - December 13, 2009

Concord, Ontario – December 8, 2009 – The sky’s the limit in home décor for the coming year. That’s because blue is forecasted to be the hottest colour in the 2010 palette, says leading Canadian paint brand CIL Paints.

In particular, airy light blue will top the list of hot colours for the year ahead, says Jennifer Jones, Marketing Communications Manager of CIL Paints, citing CIL’s Siesta Key (MC30) blue as the brand’s 2010 colour of the year. Describing the shade as an optimistic colour, Jones explained that the new blue is “a feel-good tone that’s reflective of new beginnings, of dark skies lifting in the wake of challenging economic and political times, and our collective moods lightening up.”

Associated with clear sky and water, the pure shades of blue “are refreshing, soothing and liberating, promoting a feeling of breeziness, renewed energy and infinite horizons,” Jones said, adding that ultramarines and turquoises will appear in all facets of home décor in the year ahead – from walls to furniture to accessories. To bring added life to any room, CIL recommends combining the new blues with crimson, burgundy, plum, pewter or gold, such as Crimson Red (DL07), Classic Burgundy (DL07), Scarlet’s Velvet (CP44), Southern Shadow (MC47), or Historic Tan (SE17).

Feel-good tones will be prevalent across the 2010 colour spectrum, according to CIL colour experts. Like the luminous blues, the paint palette of the coming year is dominated by more cheerful and energetic shades, reflecting a positive shift in the public’s attitude. For example:

Greens: Glowing acidic shades of green, like pale yellow lime, will take the spotlight in the green colour family. Reminiscent of new plant shoots and beginnings, the new liquid-like greens – such as CIL’s Spring Thaw (MC21) – exude a feeling of renewal, open space and freshness. Soft greens blend particularly well with ­­­­­­­moss yellows and deep greys such as Sapling (MC20) and Midnite Hour (MC51).

Reds: Saturated, vibrant reds are making a comeback, replacing the previously fashionable neutral pinks and coffee-based reds. New reds – like CIL’s Tea Dance (DL07) – are deeper and coral-based, with clean, futuristic-looking pinks taking the spotlight.  For a contemporary look, CIL recommends combining the new reds with soft neutrals such as Fog Grey (DL40) and Whisper Bluff (DL45).

Oranges: Think warm tans and golds, radiating carrot and pumpkin tones, and rich earthy copper browns. Oranges – highlighted by CIL’s Energize it (CP 14) – will become more optimistic and sunny, moving away from last year’s red influence.  These new hues, which emit a bright and sporty energy, pair well with neutrals and fuchsias such as Tutti Frutti (CP02) and Painter’s White (CP42).

Yellows: Honey, mustard, banana and citrus shades – including CIL’s Newborn (CP17) – will dominate the yellow family in 2010.  Used on their own or combined with shades of blue, such as Roslyn’s Blue (CP34), the new yellows are refreshing and comforting with a hint of pizzazz.

Warm neutrals: In a shift away from last year’s favourite soft beige, warm neutrals will become deeper, infused with yellow-based earth, clay, sand and grain tones. Imagine rich mocha and deep earthy umber browns – such as CIL’s Hale Village (SE47) – which combine well with plums and mauves. For an ultra fashionable look, these warm neutrals can be combined with turquoises and teals.

Cool neutrals: Ash greys, near blacks, and green slate tones will take centre stage in the cool neutral family. Deep subtle shades like CIL’s Gentry Blue (MC50) are ultra-sophisticated, yet calming, working well with other neutrals or as a chic background to brighten accents.

Violets: Dramatic and intense purples – such as CIL’s Fashion Passion (DL38) – are back in style, delivering a powerful look that is both traditional and modern. For those not ready to experiment with intense violets, cool lavenders will also be in vogue in the year ahead, creating an elegant and soothing environment.

“A common thread throughout the entire 2010 colour palette is a marked shift towards pure, lively and open-minded colours that reflect consumers’ hope for a more positive future,” Jones explained. “Used on their own, or in combination with other tones, colours of the coming year are all about freedom and happiness.”

Next year’s popular colours are featured in the new CIL 2010 Colour Trends magazine – available free-of-charge at CIL retailers. For more information about 2010 colours or to locate a CIL retailer near you, visit or call 1-800-387-3767.


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