The Temptation to Buy a Car

TTC - November 23, 2009

Living in Toronto is difficult without a car. With all of this H1N1 flu virus talk going around, you cannot even cough on a bus without someone thinking you have been infected. Plus with the way the TTC has been running over a long period of time now, it seems ridiculous that now TTC wants to hike up the fees to $3 CDN, from $2.75.

I have been a long time TTC rider. It was what got me to and from school for a great part of my high school years, until I finally received my coveted license. I only had my beautiful car for two years, then I learned about the Ottawa Transit system that went through its own set of problems last year. For the majority of my return to life to Toronto since 2001 after living in Montreal – I have been either biking, however mostly taking the TTC. I take the TTC great distances to get to work and rely on it to get me there in comfort, convenience and in a timely fashion.

When it comes to the comfort part, often times, the TTC fails miserably. Often it is littered with free newspapers, Tim Hortons coffee cups and muck and general debris on the ground. In terms of convenience – the TTC stopped being the better way for quite some time now. Even a complete idiot could explain to me that with a good insurance plan and an inexpensive car which you can buy at this time of year – it is actually cheaper to own a car in some cases, than to take the TTC. As for in a timely fashion, all I need to do is look back to almost a week ago when the subway service shut down between Eglinton and Bloor and think about the hours it took some very good people to make it home. Not to mention all the money it took some of these very good people to make it home.

It seems as though the TTC’s only saving grace is the fact that it’s good to the environment. With that said, I guess I will be buying my bus pass again for December.


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