Theatre at UrbanEdge Yoga

Theatre at Urban Edge Yoga - November 20, 2009
Dear friends,
Thank you for your participation and great response for the InSpirit events from Nov 10-12 with Devamrita Swami. Please check out the pictures at These capture a few glimpses of the beautiful time we all had.
This marks the beginning of even more fun events in the coming months. I specially wanted to invite you to the launch of ‘Spiritual Theatre/ Drama’ at UrbanEdge. We will be hosting the screening of the first performance of the ‘The lonely person’ on Dec 3 @ 6.30 PM. This play is produced and Directed by The Walking Monk – Bhakti Marga Swami and features artists who are all practitioners of Yoga and Meditation. Check event details and RSVP at
Also lined up is an interesting mix of yoga, meditation, cooking classes and spiritual discussions. Here is a quick summary of the upcoming events:
Wed, Nov 18 – Overcoming Anger: Isn’t it normal to be angry once in a while…or is there a way around. Check details and RSVP at
Thu, Nov 19 – Vegan Curries: There is something about the curries – spicy but not too hot, flavor and not to runny. Learn some great recipes through interactive demos and RSVP at
Fri, Nov 20 – Real Identity, Who am I: The topic of ‘real identity’ has intrigued mystics and scientists alike for ages. Check details and RSVP at
Mon, Nov 23 – Kirtan 101: Learn to play instruments, sing chants and enjoy vegetarian feast. Check details and RSVP at
Tue, Nov 24 – Baking 101, Vegan desserts and pies – We talk about how wonderful Broccoli is but, at the end of the day, we know what really wins people over is a creamy pie smothered in caramel or perhaps pecans. So find out secrets of delicious vegan deserts and join us for an interactive demo. Check details at
Don’t forget, we have a delicious vegan feast which will be awaiting you!
Quote of the week: The body is always dead. It is like a big machine. A tape recorder is made of dead matter, but as soon as you, the living person, push a button, it works. Similarly, the body is also dead matter. But within the body is the life force. As long as this active principle remains within the body, the body responds and appears alive. But what exactly is that active principle? That is a separate subject matter, and the answer to that question is the real beginning of spiritual knowledge.
See you soon,
Urban Edge Yoga

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