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Yoga - November 4, 2009
Yoga - November 4, 2009
Dear friends,
One week from now, Nov 10 we launch our Yoga lifestyle festival ‘InSpirit’ with Devamrita Swami, a Monk for 40 years, Yale graduate and author of several spiritual texts. He stops over in Toronto as part of his world tour to take us through some not-to-miss workshops:
Nov 10 – Unconditional Love, Insights from Urban Monk : Toronto is one of the world’s prime commercial and cultural hubs. Life here is bustling with activity yet love maybe rare. How, after all, can we practice unconditional love in this world of conditions? Check details and RSVP at http://urbanedgeyoga.com/index.php?d=current&p=current&event=miEvent1
Nov 11 – Mantra meditation, Chant and be happy: This workshop is designed to help participants experience the uplifting power of sublime sound through the process of meditation and singing timeless Sanskrit mantras accompanied with ancient eastern Instruments. Check details and RSVP at http://urbanedgeyoga.com/index.php?d=current&p=current&event=miEvent2
Nov 12 – Inner Environmentality, heart of environmental consciousness: We have created a civilization based on limited resources that are quickly disappearing. Join us for a workshop to explore the world of yoga and sustainable environment friendly living.  Check out details and RSVP at http://urbanedgeyoga.com/index.php?d=current&p=current&event=miEvent3
Don’t miss the festival pre-launch with the World Vegan Day celebrations on Nov 5! It will be a day of vegan cooking, feasting, spiritual concerts and exciting contests, the details of which can be checked at http://urbanedgeyoga.com/index.php?d=current&p=current&event=special .
Quote of the week: The soul is not born, but, because he takes on a material body, the body takes its birth. The soul does not take birth there, and the soul does not die. (Bhagavad Gita As it is)
Vegan dinner is served at all events.Regards

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