The Wonderful Things About the Toronto Public Library

Libraries - November 2, 2009

Libraries - November 2, 2009

I have discovered the glories of the Toronto Public Library thanks to my sister.

I have been able to expand my musical tastes by borrowing CDs, as well as read some of the most interesting and intriguing books thanks to the Toronto Public Library. If I had only really understood the power of the library when I was doing my graduate work at Concordia University in Montreal, I would have saved a lot of money on buying books. Of course, there are always books you want to own and I do not regret all of the books I have bought.

Not only is the TPL good for getting books, CDs, ebooks, and videos, it is also good for exploring the city of Toronto for free. On Sunday, I went to the Textile Museum thanks to the MAPs that the TPL give out. I have also been to the Bata Shoe Museum, as well as the AGO thanks to these MAPs. These MAPs are free passes to enter the museums and art galleries with two adults and I believe about two children. They currently have some that expire on December 31st. It is a great way to spend some affordable and quality time with friends and family.

During my visits to some of these galleries and museums, I have also rediscovered my own interest in art. I have bought oil pastels that I used to create a nature scene picture, as well as a tabletop easel on a different occasion and canvas. Now, I am inspired to have most of the artwork in my living room be my own.

The Toronto Public Library is fantastic and I hope you discover your local one, or the reference one today. Keep in mind that the libraries on the college and university campuses are also fantastic too.

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