Devamrita Swami presents at Urban Edge Yoga

Urban Edge Yoga Is More Than a Studio, It's an Experience - Photo Courtesy of

Urban Edge Yoga - October 28, 2009

The newest non-profit Yoga Studio on the block promises
a unique Yoga experience with music, food and great company!

Toronto, ON – Urban Edge Yoga, a unique Yoga Lifestyle Centre, has opened its doors to the budding yoga community in Toronto. A grand opening event is planned on November 10 to launch its annual Yoga Lifestyle festival, InSpirit, featuring Devamrita Swami – A Monk of 40 years, Yale graduate and author of several books.

The opening of Urban Edge Yoga will feature seminars by Devamrita Swami who will be sharing his profound knowledge and deep insights from his travels around the world. On November 10th, guests are given an opportunity to connect and inquire from this Yale Graduate. On November 11th, he will explain the importance of Mantra Meditation and Chanting. Devamrita Swami, who has been practicing Mantra meditation for nearly 4 decades, will enlighten the audience about the benefits of Mantra meditation and the participants will get to experience the uplifting power of sublime sounds. And finally, on November 12th, Devamrita Swami tackles the much-discussed topic of the current environment with a unique approach of “Inner Environmentality”. For further details please check

Urban Edge Yoga is located at Bloor and Spadina and here you can learn the ancient secrets of health, happiness and transcendental knowledge, practice a karma-free and stress-free lifestyle, experience blissful country retreats and taste mouthwatering vegan feasts. It’s a great way to break out of the mundane world of mass-consumption. Urban Edge Yoga presents a stress-free and a friendly environment where guests and members are encouraged to take part in a variety of activities offered through out the week.

Not only is this a non-profit setup, but the staff are unpaid volunteers, and an interesting mix of doctors, engineers, management buffs, social workers, accountants and scientists who choose to practice spiritual techniques for the purification of consciousness and share it with others. This helps to create an environment unlike any other. Each event is accompanied with a Vegan meal and the high spiritual qualification of the cooks lends a special flavor of spiritual purity.
At UrbanEdge we recognize that Yoga is more than just physical exercise. Whether you are flexible or not, there is a lot we can learn from this ancient process as described in the Bhagavad-Gita. So no matter what your interests or background, if you have a little desire to experience the world beyond that which is ‘obvious’, we have a program for you. These activities include Yoga classes, spiritual discussions, weekly Bhagavad Gita classes and Vegan cooking classes.

Established under the visionary direction of the founding Acarya ‘A.C Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupada’, we want to build a community here, but not just any community – a spiritual community based on the spiritual tenets of the ancient east as presented in Vedic Literature. In Toronto this project is led by the Walking Monk, Bhakti Marga Swami.

Urban Edge Yoga staff wants to strive to create the environment where members come to relax and dig deeper into understanding the hidden secrets of good health – physical, mental and spiritual. We have sister operations at York and University of Toronto, and also organize many festivals and events for people of Toronto. UrbanEdgeYoga is a part of an international movement with centers in almost every corner of the world. We urge the budding Toronto spiritualists to drop by our little studio anytime from Monday to Friday and expect a hot meal and warm smiles. The staff at Urban Edge Yoga promises the guests a unique yoga experience!

About Devamrita Swami
Devamrita Swami is a monk in the renounced order of life with profound spiritual practices that go back 35 years. He is an advisor on Spiritual Economics to the Russian chamber of commerce and the author of several books. This is his fourth annual tour of Toronto. In the past three years he has addressed over 1500 people on topics as diverse as yoga, vegetarianism, spiritual economics etc. In his recent visit to Toronto he presented at York University, University of Toronto and several other yoga studios around downtown Toronto.

About Urban Edge Yoga
UrbanEdgeYoga has been operating out of several different locations in Toronto since May2007. Over 3000 people have attended the programs offered by UrbanEdge since May 2007. We have also organized three annual yoga festivals called InSpirit for the Toronto community. Several Monks from around the world are regularly invited at the centre.


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