Excerpt from How to Write Creative Non-fiction

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Donna Kakonge Includes an Excerpt from How to Write Creative Non-fiction - Photo Courtesy of

Donna Kakonge Includes an Excerpt from How to Write Creative Non-fiction - Photo Courtesy of

Chapter One Forms of Non-fiction Writing

Welcome to your first chapter! As you go through each chapter you will be asked to complete optional assignments.

While it is impossible for me to police you as you are completing these assignments, it is in your best interest as a writer to complete them. Most of your betterment as a writer will come through the completion of these short assignments. Similarly, at the end of most of our chapters, you’ll be asked to complete a final chapter assignment. These assignments are also optional but I will be reviewing these ones, so make sure you take the time to complete them and you don’t simply rush to the next chapter. Remember, there are no timelines, so take your time and complete a chapter and all the chapter assignments before moving on to the next chapter. The only semi-mandatory assignment is the final assignment which will also be reviewed and critiqued by me if you wish.

In summary

1) Each chapter has small optional assignments (not reviewed by me, but extremely helpful for progressing as a writer). You will see these throughout the e-book each being labeled as a “mid-chapter assignment

2) Most chapters have a final assignment which you can upload to your own personal website if you wish. If you submit your assignments on the weekend – you can email me to take a look at it.

3) Successful completion of the e-book depends on the completion of a final assignment at the end of the e-book. This assignment is more complex and lengthy than the other assignments and will be reviewed by me.

Now, let’s talk about writing…

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