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Devamrita Swami presents at Urban Edge Yoga

The newest non-profit Yoga Studio on the block promises a unique Yoga experience with music, food and great company! Toronto, ON – Urban Edge Yoga, a unique Yoga Lifestyle Centre, has opened its doors to the budding yoga community in Toronto. A grand opening event is planned on November 10 to launch its annual Yoga Lifestyle festival, InSpirit, featuring Devamrita Swami – A Monk of 40 years, Yale graduate and […]

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Yoga Festival

Dear friends, Almost 15 days from now, Nov 10 we launch our Yoga lifestyle festival ‘InSpirit’ with Devamrita Swami, a Monk, Yale graduate and author of several spiritual texts. He stops over in Toronto as part of his world tour to take us through some not-to-miss workshops:

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Spiritual Festival

Dear All This winter, we bring to Toronto an exciting Spiritual Festival – InSpirit from Nov 10-12 with Devamrita Swami. He is a world-renowned monk from New Zealand who has traveled to every continent of the world for nearly 40 years sharing his spiritual expertise and realizations.

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Tax Collector

Sarah’s hair was too long and straight, that hair that came right out of a commercial prevented her from earning a living as a tax collector. She worked in her office as a receptionist, watching the men and women in three-piece suits walk by her desk and only ask if there had been a phone call. Sometimes, when they weren’t looking she would call her friends and they would pick […]

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Excerpt from Digital Journals and Numerology

  Introduction This book is meant to emphasize how powerful keeping a journal can be with the aid of numerology. I started writing one at the age of seven and keeping a journal has been a constant for me – more than some friends, some jobs, and some family members. I used to get a thrill selecting my journals to write in. Now I have decided to try something new […]

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A Hairpiece – My Hair Story

My first hobby was playing hairdresser to my Barbie dolls. I had my childhood in the 70s and 80s but I was not much different from Black children in the 40s who chose White dolls over Black dolls in a landmark study that lead to the desegregation of American schools. It was not that I liked chocolate skin over the cream of white colour; it really came down to the […]

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Muse’s The Resistance: A Review

By Brikena Ribaj I rightly talk about music a lot as it plays a significant part in my quotidianity. Most summers, thanks mostly to my intimate associations and friendships with those in the arts, I tend to spend a good measure of time learning about new music. Often I am asked how I learn about new music and just as often I answer quoting my musician friends as well as […]

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