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Canada’s university magazines beat the U.K.’s in word economy

By Rachel Muenz Apparently, Canada doesn’t think its university students can handle long articles. Either that or it just uses language more efficiently than its U.K. counterparts. Based on a random selection of five articles each from five Canadian online publications for students and five from publications in the U.K., Canadian articles are over 120 words shorter than those in the U.K.

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By Rachel Muenz There was this kid who lived in a town near where I grew up. He was a friend of my cousin’s cousin and went missing when I was in elementary school and he was a teenager. His friends might have called him J.J. so I’ll call him that too.

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Pen to Computer Screen (Originally Published with Digital Eve)

Writing and the written word have been a major part of Trecia Harley’s life ever since she could remember. As a child she loved to read and be transported to another world.   The magic of words was her main pastime growing up in Parry Sound, Ontario. Thus, writing became her favourite form of expression.   Trecia attended the University of Toronto where she studied English Literature, History and Celtic […]

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By Rachel Muenz Dolphin was going to kill the dog because it had desecrated the tree. The tree was the most beautiful monument he had ever seen. He liked it because it reminded him of a snake and he loved snakes and though it was carved with the names of kids who’d been shot to death, it didn’t call them heroes and it didn’t call their killers evil. It simply […]

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The Best of Donna Magazine to be Published Soon

There are now more than 400 posts on Donna Magazine. Updated from Journalism Stories Collection, The Best of Donna Magazine will incorporate the publisher’s personal favourites from this online magazine in a hardcover, paperback and ebook format that you can take with you anywhere such as any magazine you would  find off the racks. Look out for it coming soon to be sold at:

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By Rachel Muenz One afternoon Cori found a token and stayed on for the whole route pressed to the back with her nose against the glass, watching the city leak out behind the red and white canister of people. Someone had opened a window at the front of the streetcar and the air chilled her throat all the way down to her stomach.

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