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Wildfire Preparation

Protect your property from wildfires preparation using DIY!

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Wildfires can be a nightmare for anyone’s property, destroying everything that they own, and everything that they have worked so hard to achieve in life, in order to put a roof over their head for their family, for their loved ones, and if they use the property as rental property, for their source income. Protecting your home from wildfires is vitally important for not just the safety of where you live and live being, but also for the protection of your financial well-being. Understanding this is part and parcel of being a homeowner which is why most people ensure that they have home insurance.

With all of this understood, this article focuses on how you can, with do-it-yourself (DIY) methods, help you and your family to protect your home from the dangers of wildfires.

You can do this yourself – DIY! Here’s how:

1. Safeguarding Flammable Materials

You would be surprised, even having a barbecue out in your backyard with the wind blowing too strong can be the start of destroying your property with a wildfire. The wisest choice really is to the only barbecue on days where you have taken the time to check the weather conditions in order to ensure that it is not too windy outside – and this takes preparation, organization, and maturity.

Other things that are flammable that need to be safeguarded include anything that is legal because that is all you should be doing, plus flammable such as cigarette smoking. Key ways of ensuring that piles of leftover cigarette butts outside on your property do not turn into a raging wildfire where you need to exist from your basement window in order to escape the potential disaster of your fire-destroyed home, is to fill containers, they could be reusable containers that you have collected just from purchasing groceries, it needs to be something that is not of a substance that is flammable itself such as plastic or tin or metal, and you fill it with water and ensure that any stale cigarette butts that have been used are in an element that is completely contrary to the fire that it once burned – such as water.

If the cigarette butts pile up too fast, you can either choose to add more water to ensure that there is not one single possibility that idle cigarette butts could create a fire, plus just simply use your clean spit and spit on them.

2. Keeping Fire Extinguishers on Your Property

Keeping fire extinguishers on your property is a must. You can even find one at the least expensive department store; this is how readily available fire extinguishers are. You can purchase one that is of a good size for your home or outside property, this means that the size of the fire extinguisher would depend on the size of your property, as well as the size of your home.

3. Keeping Water Hoses and Buckets on Your Property

Your home should be equipped with an outside water hose vent. The vent is always good to have, but making sure that you have a hose attached to the water hose vent is vital to ensure that if there were a wildfire on your property or inside your home, you have the ammunition to ensure that the wildfire can be extinguished. The longer the hose is the better hose. Having buckets around or buckets that are close to where you live and on your property will also ensure that if there are areas of fire that you cannot reach with the hose that you can fill a bucket with just enough water in order to take the wildfire out.

4. Ensuring that Your Property is intricately and Targeted with Key Fire Alarms Placements

Fire alarms are a wonderful thing and most people understand their necessity for the inside of your home, but, what about outside your home? There could be a fire that begins with your vehicle that is stationed outside your home, or, at a neighbor’s home, and you are unaware and it is a dangerous wildfire that could destroy your home.

Experts recommend that having security cameras, as well as security alarms are just as important as fire alarms, not just to protect your property from criminal theft, but also to protect your property from property damage from your neighbor’s property, and it could even end up being from a house that is far enough away that you had not thought of it.

5. Consistently Checking Your Fire Alarms

Although yes, security cameras are important as well, regular tests of your fire alarm are also important to ensure the protection of your home and your property from wildfire and to always be prepared to fight the worst case scenario.

6. Designated No Smoking Signs on Your Property

Additional advice that experts recommend for wildfire protection includes making a safe visit to a home store that is not far from where you live and purchasing “No Smoking” signs, even if you smoke. If there are people who tend to trespass on your property who do smoke and something that they are smoking could cause a fire to your property, or, you have visitors over or guests who smoke who do the same thing, the “No Smoking” sign will release you from any legal liabilities that may be caused by a wildfire that occurs on your property.

Mosquito Repelling Plants

Keeping a mosquito repellant garden to protect yourself – DIY!

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Building a garden that has a mix of the plants you love, plus mosquito repellant plants, or a garden that is completely mosquito repellant can prove to surround your property with the protection you would love to have as you enjoy your property without being bitten by sometimes pesky mosquitos. If you are the kind of person that is always telling people something along these lines: “mosquitos really love my blood,” you will appreciate this article for the protection that a mosquito repellant garden can provide to you while you are relaxing on your property, as well as the avoidance of mosquitos entering the interior your home from outside of your property.

You can do this yourself – DIY! Here’s how:

1. Some Great Mosquito Repellant Plants

Many of the mosquito repellant plants have a wonderful aroma that is pungent, which is the exact reason why mosquitos are repelled by these plants. The lemon plant, for example, has a citrusy scent that can fill the air, with even such a strong scent for those people who can smell, that you cannot mistake a lemon plant for even an orange plant. Catnip is something that smells so strong that it can even put a cat into a relaxed enough mood that an agitated one will sleep a longer period of time after playing. Marigolds are a bright color that has a true flower scent that again repels mosquitos. Basil again is a strong smelling plant, that is also used in the food and some people also have essential oils with the scent of basil as well. Lavender is commonly known to be a relaxing scent; however, the scent is strong and tends to repel the skin biting mosquitoes. Peppermint is also a calming scent; however, the strength of its smell is something that drives mosquitos away from humans and other animals. The stories of garlic warding off the biting threats of Dracula in stories not just work for Dracula, it also works for the biting threats of mosquitos as well.

There are a number of beautiful mosquito repellant plants that you can add to your garden in order to remain bitten-free all throughout the mosquito seasons. Lemon balm plants, catnip plants, marigold plants, basil plants, lavender plants, peppermint plants or mint plants, and garlic plants are all wonderful choices for ensuring that everything from a garden in a park, to a community garden, to a small garden in your front yard or back yard, to a lavish huge private garden remains mosquito-free.

2. Great Places on Your Property to Grow these Gardens

The number one thing to think of with mosquitos is that they are smart. Many people who have been bitten by mosquitos know that always do tend to be bitten on their shins, as well as in areas were the bites of mosquitos have been so sneaky that while you were bitten, you could not swat at them towards their death which would bring you to not need to scratch your skin for a good week after the bite. Making sure that you plant mosquito repellant plants low to the ground is extremely important because this is the primary intuition of a mosquito, bite where they cannot receive swats of death.

Great target areas to plant mosquito-free gardens will tend to be those areas where people tend to either congregate, or pass by, or relax and enjoy the good weather. This would then mean entryways, front and back areas of homes, plus along border lines of a property in order to have a more inviting essence to the environment that will help people to not be bitten by mosquitos.     

3. How to Grow a Mosquito Repellant Garden

Finding the plant seeds for lemon balm plants, catnip plants, marigold plants, basil plants, lavender plants, peppermint plants or mint plants, and garlic plants, is relatively inexpensive and can be widely purchased at flower shops, grocery shops, garden centres, plus even at some hardware stores and home stores.

Once you have taken time to also purchase really any grade of medium quality soil to plant these essential mosquito-fighting plants, watering the plants, making sure they have sufficient sunlight, plus keeping a constant watch and care of the plants is essential to help them grow.

How to Make and Hang a Rope Swing

Flying made easy by making and hanging a rope swing with DIY!

Usually, when children are young, they come to an age where all their biggest worries are to fight over who gets to swing on the swings in the playground with other children. As you grow older, you may have children or desire to have a hanging rope swing right on your own property, even if just for the sake of allowing your child or children to have their own swing to play with instead of fighting over swing time at the park with other children.

This article will show you how to make a rope swing, as well as how to hang it right in your front yard or back yard depending on how your home is constructed. This article will also provide tips for those people who do not have the luxury of a back yard or front yard to make or hang a rope swing. It is possible to make and to hang a rope swing right inside any interior of a home from the doorways that are within. This article will provide tips on that as well.

You can do this yourself – DIY! Here’s how:

1. How to Make a Rope Swing for the Outdoors

Making a rope swing for the outdoors is a lot of fun! What you can first is either go to your local hardware or home shop and purchase long pieces of rope string, plus pre-cut pieces of wood or pieces of plastic that can be used as a seat. You want to make sure that as you make the swing that it will hold your weight. Tying and intertwining about 25 pieces of rope swing together will ensure that is a thick enough support not just for a child, but also for an adult as well. When it comes to applying a plastic seat, you can use crazy glue that you can purchase at a dollar store in order to support your seat on the swing. If you are using a pre-cut wood seat, the same rule applies with the crazy glue to glue to the pieces of rope in order to ensure that you are creating a swing for the outdoors that you can have tons of fun with!

2. How to Hang the Rope Swing

When it comes to hanging the rope swing outdoors, you want to make sure that you are doing it in a safe environment. The best bet is to make sure that there is natural grass underneath your feet, just in case you were to swing too hard and fall. Even astroturf is something that can be rough to fall on depending on what you are wearing while you swing on the swing, but if you do have astroturf on your property, please just make sure that your arms and legs are covered while you swing on your swing.

Choosing a tree to hang the swing and tying the knot and again supporting the knot with crazy glue is a good idea. You may worry: “well, what if I want to take down the swing?” All you would need to do if you want to take down the swing is to cut away at it with something sharp enough to get the job done to unhook the swing from the tree it is tied on.

3. How to Make a Swing for the Indoors

Making a swing for the indoors can be a lot of fun as well! The difference is that you have some options here, which you also have for the outdoors as well. Some people even for the outdoors will simply choose to purchase a pre-made swing and to put it up in a safe place with natural grass underneath. With the indoors, you can purchase pre-made swings, if you were to dig long enough on sites such as Craigslist or Kijiji, or shop online in general, you can find some great pre-made swings either for the indoors or outdoors where if they come plain, you can customize them and personalize them by painting them or putting stickers on them yourself or with your family, friends, and children.

4. How to Hang a Rope Swing for the Indoors

Choosing a door frame is one of the best ways to hang a swing that would be indoors in your home. You would need the right safety hooks because these safety hooks need to stick into the actual door and door frame so that the indoor swing is safely harnessed. Many of these pre-made indoor swings come with instructions, so please make sure that you read the instructions carefully and that you also have home insurance as a backup.

5. Safety Precautions for Both Inside and Outside of Your Home with Rope Swings

Swinging on a swing is a lot of fun, but you need to make sure that you are wearing protective shoes, protective clothing, as well as have your arms and your legs covered just to prevent from everlasting damages from any falls that may occur if you are the kind of person that gets really excited about swinging on a swing and you enjoy really flying through the air. Nothing is wrong with having fun, please just protect yourself so that you do not get hurt.

Create great garden borders surrounding your home with DIY!

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Surrounding your home with fences in order to mark your property can sometimes not be the most beautiful choice visually to display your pride, your home, your property. Even when you have some creative choice in a home that you are renting, creating garden barriers may prove to be a visual improvement for a DIY project to fences. Garden barriers can also be far more inviting if you are someone who wants great vibrations and positive energy to flow around your home, in comparison to fences. Fences can block energy, be too much of a guard, whereas, garden barriers show that you will be constantly growing, blossoming, and eternal to the spirits of nature as long as the world turns.

Bringing down the fences and staking out your territory with something uplifting as garden barriers may be just the way to also spruce up the energy on your street, in your neighborhood, and throughout your community, but let’s start with your home.

You can do this yourself – DIY! Here’s how:

1. Dig out those Fences

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If you do not have the tools to bring down the fences around your home, one of the first things you can do is just check on Google and/or Yelp in order to find places in your neighborhood where you can rent the tools to raze down your fences. Make sure that you are wearing protective gloves, protective eyeglasses, and wearing protective clothing, plus protective shoes. Remember to keep your hair back, or anything that could create a problem and if it’s your first time doing this, just take your time, remember – Rome was not built in a day.

2. Purchasing Mulch, Dirt, and Bushes, and Flowers

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You can do the shopping for this before you raze down your fences or after the fences are down. The most important thing in many ways is to ensure that you purchase the mulch, the dirt, and bushes, and flowers at a reasonable price, which means often targeting the best time to purchase which is at the height of the planting season when these items will not be as expensive for this DIY project. We’ll continue to go through what you do with all of this great stuff that is going to make your property look gorgeous.

3. The Dirt Goes First, and then the Mulch, Plant the Bushes and the Flowers Last

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The dirt will remarkably help to ensure that any residue from digging up your fences instantly disappears when the dirt covers it. The mulch will help as well to create a beautiful appearance that is prettier in most people’s view of just dirt. You can also make sure that you purchase glistening mulch in a variety of colors from black, to brown, to light brown, to reddish brown, etc., in order to complement the colors of your home. The same goes with the shades of the bushes and the flowers that you choose. Some people decide that will not go with the flowers, and this is absolutely fine. It’s up to you. It’s your home. At the end of the day adding the flowers can depend heavily on the climate conditions of where you live. If the flowers will last throughout the year because you live in warmer weather, I would recommend them. If you live in colder climates, such as really cold climates, you may even want to choose evergreens and/or perineal bushes.

4. Maintain that Border

Yes, many people like fences because they’re easy to maintain and garden barriers are more challenging to maintain. Please take this project on as a continuous DIY project if you are willing to put in the long-term effort in order to ensure that the garden barrier around your property, your home, is beautiful for decades to come.

5. You can even Choose to Add Decorative Lights Year-round, or Seasonally

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You can make your garden border around your home is more eye-catching by adding lights year-round, or just on special occasions throughout the year. Expect people to stare when they pass by your home. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself on what you’ve done and share it with those you care about.

Common Laws about Fences and Barriers

Know the law and keep yourself and your property protected!

When property has fences up, such as single-detached homes, semi-detached homes, or even row townhouses, even apartment buildings, or areas are encased by fences, and private pathways and laneways are clearly only to be entered by its inhabitants of the area ideally, there are laws that are enforced in your state and in your region in order to protect you and what you own from intruders who may cause trouble.

For example, when a single-detached home has a fence surrounding its area, however, there is a public sidewalk right in front of the home, for most people who do not own the home, they must understand that by law they are only allowed to be on the property to view it from the sidewalk, rather than to trespass onto the property inside of the fence. Even the small part of the sidewalk that will be closest to the single-detached home that stretches out to a wider sidewalk for people to use publicly, the smaller side of the sidewalk is an indication and a clear visible legal marker that even if an uninvited guest were to step onto that smaller sidewalk in front of the single-detached home, just to use that as an example, the person or individuals, or even a dog passing by with their owner is breaking the law.

You can do this yourself – DIY! Here’s how:

1. Laws Shared Homes Such as Semi-Detached Homes

Sometimes semi-detached homeowners can on both sides have quarrels concerning property barriers and the common laws concerning fencing. Clearly, the fence that would divide the home, or even barriers such as sidewalks that are shared, plus even the manicuring of the grass that would divide the homes is a clear indication of where the property barriers are between the semi-detached homes. When there is a fence, this is clear. On one side is one owner’s part, and on the other side is the other owner’s part. Sometimes fencing and barriers can also create conflicts with shared property such as trees and bushes. If a tree is on shared property, the other owner would not have the right to cut anything on the tree, even to trim it without the other home owner’s permission if there are questionable barrier markings between the semi-detached homes.

2. Private Laneways and Alleyways

In private laneways that are the sole property of one or more homeowners, it must be kept in mind that the state and/or region that preside over the governance of the area really should ensure that there is a “Do Not Enter” or “No Trespassing” signs on the property. Immediately when such signs are visible it is clear to anyone who can see that they are not supposed to be on the property without the permission of the homeowner(s).

3. Shared Private Laneways and Alleys

In shared private laneways and alleys, again, it is even more important that the government level responsible ensures that there is “Do Not Enter” and “No Trespassing” signs within the area so there are not any intruders that enter. The government in question is truly putting themselves at risk of legal liabilities if there were to be any break-ins within that area because there were not such signs placed visibly for basically bad criminals to see.

4. Fencing and Barriers and Parking

Barriers are also a concern when it comes to parked cars. People need to understand that if at the back of someone’s home they have a fence in which they park on their own property and there could be natural grass underneath this property, that by no means, without the permission of the homeowner(s) can they park on that property, or place any kind of vehicle such as an e-bike, bike, motorcycle, etc. The same rules apply to not being stationed in front of any public territory in a region where there are “No Parking” signs. There are many private homeowners who would put these signs up, however, it is a great violation and a great intrusion for anyone to park anything that moves that are using for transportation purposes on any kind of private property without the permission of the homeowner(s). It is against the law.

5. More Public Areas Close to Private Property

Regarding fencing and barriers that are closer to a collective grouping of private property, it is important that anyone that either invited and/or uninvited is consistently mindful to ensure that they are doing such things as walking their dog in legally legislated areas of even a park, plus not smoking in areas of a park that they are not supposed to be smoking in, plus not entering private community garden gardens that are unlocked without the permission collectively of even one community garden owner. All of these actions if done – are against the law.

IRCC News Release / Communiqué

Canada to empower visible minority newcomer women Making it easier for women to succeed as they settle in their new country June 6, 2019—Toronto, ON— Canada is making it easier for newcomer women to find a job by providing the support and services they need to succeed. This will help these women highlight their talents and experiences as they settle in Canada. Some newcomer women face multiple barriers trying to find work and get ahead in Canada. Read more Le gouvernement du Canada donnera aux nouvelles arrivantes appartenant à une minorité visible les ressources dont elles ont besoin Aider les femmes à réussir leur établissement au CanadaLe 6 juin 2019 – Toronto (Ontario) – Le gouvernement du Canada souhaite aider les nouvelles arrivantes à trouver un emploi en leur fournissant les ressources et les services dont elles ont besoin. Ainsi, elles pourront exploiter leurs talents et tirer parti de leurs expériences pour s’établir au Canada.De nombreuses difficultés compliquent la tâche de certaines nouvelles arrivantes souhaitant trouver du travail et progresser au Canada.Lisez plus

F*** Off Josh: Harassment Defined

Act 1

You f****** bitch,

You f****** bitch

I could hear this through his closed windows from houses away, screaming at me.

Police at A & W told me when they knew I had worked in the courts:

“We can get James, and he will be detained.”

At the end of the day, I meant, not long enough. Look, this jerk even lives in my neighbourhood.

Act 2

Sitting on his balcony, singing

Singing my name

Telling me bad songs with my name

Pictures of his once beautiful daughters that he molested

He thinks everyone else is a molester like him

He has a criminal record

Lost his job of thirty years for diddling children

Irene in the courts taught me that word = diddling

I know he wants me to write this. He wants to be a star. I take pity. The only reason I ever helped him is that I took pity. I did what the occult shop told me to do as I wear my cross, a God-fearing Christian, and he’s Jewish, and he was trying to kill me with a lock of my hair.

Now, do you know why some women wear weaves and hijabs and wigs?

Act 3

“F*** off, Josh,”

Just not funny

Standing in my ‘hood as I knew I should just do my friggin’ exercise

Knew the w***** was on probation

Probation officer calls and tells him it was violized

I would have killed him and got away Scott-free.

I can’t even do my work with this nut job around. Look online = he even calls himself that = everyone knew he was crazy including the Ontario Arts Council = I simply took Christian pity. Which yes is talking to some crazy people?

This nut job is trying to kill me and my family and it’s not just me in the neighbourhood. All he wants even is a good screw and money. Who knew he would not get either from me? Who then, is his next victim?

Everyday Encounters, Short Stories by John P. Portelli – A Book Launch

Professor John P. Portelli
Department of  Social Justice Education
Co-director, Centre for Leadership and Diversity
OISE, University of Toronto

How To Talk To Crazy People = Do Not Know – New Book Coming Out Soon on Amazon

Do Not Know was the essence of the title behind How To Talk To Crazy People. The books are available for sale. Check this website for more information.
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Angels on the ceiling and blood on the walls

I knew I was in trouble when they would not let me leave. I was locked inside a small room inside a hospital and the doctors would not let me out. I screamed, I yelled, I prayed, but it was no use – they still would not let me out.

Everything about the place was strange to me. I had not been in a hospital since I was five years old. I wanted to be home. I wanted to be back in my little apartment, drinking wine and listening to Sade tapes. I was a peaceful person. I meditated every day, I jogged six times a week, and what was I doing here?

I stayed in that room for what felt like days; I don’t know how long it was. The security guard outside the door kept looking at me so strangely. “What was he looking at? He was the strange one.” Couldn’t he understand that this was a national emergency? I had to get out of this room because the women were coming to get me. Oprah and Princess Toro were a group of powerful and strong women who were about to rule the world and save it from disaster. Had not any of them ever read W.E.B. Du Bois? They needed to release me from this holding cell so I could reign once more back in Uganda where I was a princess and part of this ‘gifted 10.’ I had to go back to the country to rule, to be part of the world’s ruling elite.

Then the doctors came. I knew they were doctors because they were wearing white lab coats.

“Do you know how long you’ve been in this state?” one of them asked as they both came in the room.

“I’m not in any state I just need to get out of here,” I said.

“We can’t release you until you calm down.”

“Calm down, I’m perfectly calm.”

Actually I was not calm, I was raging. My insides were churning and my thoughts were racing I was convinced that I needed to think quickly in order to get myself out of there.

“Do you realize that you’ve been screaming for an hour?” the woman doctor asked.

There was a man and a woman doctor both of them was white like ivory – ready to pierce me. Did they not realize I was screaming because they were detaining me?

I did not want to be here. I had committed no crime. I had committed mistakes, but no crime. The biggest mistake I had ever made was getting too close to my nosy landlord; he was the one who put me in this hospital, along with my father. It was both of their faults why I was in here.

I didn’t even know what day it was; it was probably Halloween, 1995. What I did remember was the last time I talked to Constance; she was my psychic and tarot counselor. She had told me that my contract at a public television station was going to be renewed for months now and I had believed her. Constance was always right which took me a long time to accept, but it was true. I had met Constance almost a year ago in Ottawa, after I graduated from Carleton University.

I was a big skeptic at first but my best friend referred her to me. Constance was not just a psychic; she was a tarot counselor which really made a difference.

Constance dealt out the cards for me and she did not just tell me my future, she gave me advice and tried to help to steer me in the right direction. At the time I went to her I needed some steering.

It was a few months after I graduated from university and I had landed a great job at a public radio station – CBC. The worst thing about my great job was that it was in Toronto and my boyfriend of three years was in Ottawa. After two months of working there the great job became not so great. The hours were horrible. I would have to wake up at 3 a.m. to go to work, then I would be home by noon, then I would have to get ready to go to work for 8:00 p.m.

Have you ever tried sleeping in the daytime? It’s almost impossible when you’re living in a cockroach-infested basement apartment with a family of five living overhead. I was not sleeping, always scratching and forever aching for my boyfriend.

So I quit the not-so-great job and moved back to Ottawa only this time I was a worker instead of a student. Things were supposed to have been happily ever after but they got worse.

My new job at a video co-op was just as bad if not worse than the radio job. The hours were better but they were long. I had no time to see my boyfriend and when I did get a bit of time he was too busy to be with me. This was supposed to be the man I was going to marry and our relationship was falling apart.

On top of everything I was spending too much time and getting too emotionally involved with a married man who was a co-worker.

I needed guidance so I turned to Constance. All my other friends had left Ottawa after school and I needed fast answers that I could not get from a therapist.

I imagined that Constance would look like a gypsy, have her place all-dark with lots of candles and have beads hanging from the doorway. She was costing me $130 so I expected the works. She turned out to be a petite, South Asian with long black hair and jet black eyes.

Her home was filled with light and she only had one candle burning. She was not a gypsy at all. She turned out to be a lawyer who only did the tarot cards in her spare time. She did not advertise like some psychics do. She believed that those she is meant to help are guided to her.

I shuffled the tarot cards while thinking of my question. Then cut the deck. She folded out the pretty pictures and read them. She used her psychic powers to decipher what the cards meant in my life. She told me a lot of things I did know, and something I did not know. She told me I would be getting a job offer from a woman and that a man was going to lead this woman to me.

This indeed happened a week later. She also advised me not to tell my boyfriend about the married man I was spending so much time with. She told me to imagine light around me and gave the name of two books to read, Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life and Spiritual Growth by SANAYA Roman. It turned out that I had a book called Personal Power through Awareness by SANAYA Roman that I had bought and never read. A black therapist I had gone to while I was in second-year University had recommended it.

Constance also told me to meditate and while meditating to ask my high-level guides for things. Constance believed that everyone had guides and that channeling our guides could help us in our life.

She called herself a channel and that she was channeling high-beings that were helping me. She said that everything she did was channeled. 

The job offer turned out to be in Toronto so I spent a lot of money on long distance calls with Constance over the next year. I also broke up with my boyfriend Alistair – or he broke up with me when he found out about the married man by reading my journal.

I began to ask Constance questions about every part of my life, such as what should I wear? Where should I live? and about my co-workers. I could give Constance a name and she could tell me about that person from the name.

This information really helped me to decide whom I was and was not going to spend time with. She told me that I could learn to be a channel and a psychic so I could answer my own questions. I bought several books after those first two.

I began meditating every day and became a vegetarian like Constance was. I wanted to be just like Constance, she was the happiest person I knew.

The doctors were getting on my nerves. They kept asking me such silly questions. I looked up to notice my father pacing outside of the small room. They were not listening to me; they seemed intent on not listening to me.

“How long are you going to keep me locked up here?” I screamed at them.

“Until you calm down,” he said.

They would not even tell me why I was being locked up. After I had spoken to Constance last Friday I went on a shopping spree. She told me to make a list of all my wants, then to cut them up so that they would be on small pieces of paper. Then she told me to go into a meditation and then burn all the pieces of paper. She said this would bring everything I wanted to me. It sounded like a witch’s trick and I knew that Constance was into witchcraft. So I was going to give it a try but I needed supplies first. I bought a gold pen, scissors, paper, a cup to burn the pieces in and a table. After that I had one hundred dollars left in my bank account with rent due and no paycheck coming. I went home with all my stuff and started by writing down all my wants.

I want a successful career as a diversity producer.

I want a beautiful man to enter my life and for us to have a deep and passionate relationship together.

I want a big, spacious and beautiful apartment with low rent as soon as possible, with lots of privacy.

I cut up all these wants into small pieces. I went into a meditation, asking for my high-level guides to assist me and then I burned the pieces of paper. I continued my meditation for what became days. I also decided to heighten the spiritual experience by not eating and fasting. I only drank water. I thought about a lot of things while I was meditating, and a lot of things happened to me.

The doctors forced me out of the small room and into a hospital bed on the psychiatric floor. My father came to visit me, smelling high of cologne. He told me that I must only look at the last two years to explain my breakdown (at least that is what I was calling it). He told me that he had a nervous breakdown too at 16 while he was at boarding school. He told me that his late brother John had a breakdown too.

So the doctors kept their promise, I stayed in the hospital until I calmed down, it took a week. My mother and sister came to get me, they did not understand what had happened to me, and I did not understand it either. I went to live with my mother after that and during October 1995, Halloween of this first breakdown, to February of 1996; I was in the hospital five times. I no longer speak to Constance.

It’s now twelve years later from that first break with reality. I’ve lost count how many other times it has happened. That expression “take a pill” applies to me.

Airport Flirt

It took an old man to touch my young breast to wake me up. I did not hear him come up to me as I sat in a plastic waiting chair because my Walkman blasted “Keep on Moving” from my Soul II Soul CD. I was in concourse E of Miami’s airport, waiting for my flight to Barbados. I was coming from Montreal in the February winter wonderland and did not know how to dress. I wore a beige cotton knit ensemble with my black winter jacket curled over my arm. I was also wearing the burgundy slightly padded bra I got for Christmas from my sister. The old man had touched more foam than flesh.

“How dare you!” I shouted to his wrinkled sandy face. “Screw off or I’ll call security.”

He smelled of stale cigarette smoke and similar to a scent that oozed from my kitchen sink in my apartment in Notre-Dame-de-Grace, Montreal. He did not say a word as he hid the offending hand and turned to walk away. I watched him walk over to a pretty woman with white hair and a generous nose. Why he would touch me when he had her, I thought.

I found myself asleep again in the plastic chair, listening to my CD until my stomach started to growl.

I like healthy foods, but they are hard to find when you are on the go – like when you are in an airport. I had to settle on Burger King. But the Burger King in concourse E was the nicest one I had ever been in. It had this space age design and looked like a restaurant you would see on Star Trek, with rounded windows surrounded by light and aluminium. Plus, it had platinum-looking tables and chairs. I ordered a fish sandwich and some orange pop, the contents I could already see rotting inside of me, instead of nourishing me like food is supposed to do.

The thing about junk food is that it is addictive. After I finished the BK food I started to crave chocolate. I had some Laura Secord white chocolate in my bag that was a gift for my Aunt Claire who was one of the people I was going to Barbados to see. The other was my Uncle Frank. I regretfully had nothing for my Uncle Frank who told me the only thing he wanted was for me to be there. Usually, when people say that I think they are lying, but not this time. He was my favourite uncle, but I had not seen him in twenty-one years.

The last time I saw Uncle Frank, who was really my great-uncle on my mother’s side, it was when my mother and I went down to St. Vincent for my grandmother’s funeral. My mother did not want to stay in my grandmother’s house because it was too painful for her, so we stayed at my Uncle Phil (who has now passed on to the other world). Not only did my mother and I have to deal with the death of a loved one like my grandmother, but we also had to deal with my cousin Carry, Uncle Phil’s son, stealing our Canadian money from us. We had come down in such a hurry that there was not enough time to get traveller’s cheques and Carry wanted the money to get out of St. Vincent to come to Canada. He hated the island, but his father told him he could only leave if he paid his own way. Well, he found a way.

I had a great time with Uncle Frank, and it is this experience that made this man my favourite uncle. It was also the first time I had met him and we hit it off wonderfully.

“You have the gift of gab, darling,” Uncle Frank told me.

“Thank you, I did not know that,” I told him. I was five years old.

We went golfing, he took us to the beach and he splashed water in my face. He took us to great restaurants. And he always paid for everything, he always insisted on this. He would give a lot of wonderful things that were absolutely free, like kisses and hugs. He was a tall, strapping, good-looking man, who could charm a rock and probably had. I looked up to him. And although when my mother and I left Barbados and returned to Canada I never really kept in touch, he never left from having a special place in my heart.

Now I was going to see him again after all these years. Many things have changed for me since five years old, and I wondered what if anything had changed for him. I knew a few things; such as he had retired after a life as a doctor, an electrician in his youth, and a soldier in the Canadian army. He was selling his house, which I remembered as being beautiful, to spend more time in his condominium in Toronto and with his daughter in the Bahamas. Now I was going to spend a week with him and his wife of fifty years in a place where twenty-one years ago I had the time of my life at a time that was also one of the saddest. I felt lucky to be getting this free break from graduate school Uncle Frank was paying for the trip. The last time I had been on a real beach was in Bahamas with my ex-boyfriend.

One night on that beach with him, just sitting in lounge chairs letting the water lap to our feet, it had been one of the most spiritual moments of my life. I really looked forward to being on the beaches of Barbados, and just being in summer again, that was truly when I thrived.

“Last call for flight seventeen-hundred,” I heard from the loud speaker.

I had not even heard the first call, and I did not have my Walkman on anymore. I grabbed my stuff and ran to the gate.


I was living off of OSAP money, and needed to get a job, so I went to Toronto, visited my parents, looked for a job with newspapers and met Alan.

            Alan is this six feet six inches Haitian man who I met at a library in the Annex. He came up to me, and I felt a trust for him right away, giving him all the phone numbers I could so he could reach me. That was on a Thursday, I heard from him by Saturday.

            He was from Montreal, living in Toronto going to school and wanting to become a record producer. We took a walk around ASHBRIDGE’S Bay by the Beaches, and he drove me to the train station on my way back to Montreal. Then we spent a few weeks on e-mail, with him professing his love for me and telling me he wanted to marry me. He was working freelance with a company that did jingles for commercials, so he took a month off work to visit me in Montreal.

            Things were going well for a few days until we went to a park near my house and made some confessions. He told me he was married. A marriage of convenience so he could get a Trinidadian girl her permanent resident status in Canada. He was paid twenty-five thousand dollars. Considering the money and my student debt load, I almost understood his decision. I told him I suffered from depression and I was taking medication. And that is when the trouble started.

            We began fighting every week for the month he was there. He could not get over the fact I was taking medication and kept calling me crazy. He kept encouraging me to get off the medication, which by this point I had discovered that it was helping me. I was stressed out about finding a job for the summer, and he discouraged me on that, doubted all my plans, but did encourage me to start my own radio station on the Internet. He made a song for me, and we made up. He called me crazy again, was a lousy lover and we broke up.

I was not going to put up with any man who got off on me, and did not reciprocate. When we would argue, he would talk constantly tell me about everything I was doing wrong. About how he hated all these “black bitches” in Canada and he was just going to go to Haiti and find him a woman there. He was of typical marrying age I guess, about thirty-two. He acted like a two year-old when angry.

            He was giving me a huge headache, so I kicked him out of my house in the pouring rain. As he left, I opened my drapes to make sure he was gone. Later he said he knew I really cared about him because I looked out the window when he left. Hah!

            Days later, I started having regrets about the way things ended, and I had already told all my friends that he was “the one” for me. Maybe in a way to save face, I phoned him and tried to reconcile. He turned me down. I was not hurt, and did not care, and was actually relieved. I just did not want to be the one ending things. I gave him the decision, and that was like my present to him.

            But later on, he changed his mind. And he kept calling me months afterward, which I still had call display, so I never answered the phone.

            Right after I broke up with Alan, I had another breakdown, because I did go off my medication. This time I was put in the Brief Therapy Unit and only stayed three days because I got a job with a CBC television show for youth. That job did not last long because I had a panic attack while on the job and the best advice my boss gave me was to go back to Montreal and find some little job. So, I took his advice, in a way. I did go back to Montreal and maintained some equilibrium with mania, enough to finish my research paper for my master’s degree. I was so high I wrote ninety pages in a night and finished. I also found a little job as an Announcer/Producer on an African morning show airing from Montreal.

Strategic Intentions

Eighty thousand dollars is a lot for a thirty year-old to lose. It was madness. It was the summer of 2003 and I had just ended up in the hospital again. I have bipolar disorder.

I had broken up with my fiancé and I started exercising a little too much and I think it wore down on my system. So, I ended up in the hospital and whom did I meet? I meet a guy named Frank.

He was round and bald with gray hair – very different from me. As he came down the hall he was wearing all white. He looked like he was wearing all white, a big cherub. Umm, very pale skin. Quite different from me – I have dark skin, not too fat, more voluptuous and I am tall.

We looked absolutely like opposites. What I later found out is that we were opposites, but similar in some respects.

He gave me a flower from the front counter of the psych ward. I rejected it at first, but flowers are very important to me. I love them, so I thanked him. I was in the acute ward, he was in the willing-to-roam-free ward and, um, through this glass window we ended up – we ended up – seducing one another so to speak. We played a game of show me yours and I will show you mine.

First…it started I showed him my leg. He showed me his leg. Then, I showed him my shoulder, he showed me his shoulder. I showed him my breasts, he showed me his pecks. He was such a fat man that his pecks almost looked as big as my breasts. Then, hum, I showed him the hair on my vagina, he showed me his penis. The courtship was on.

So, once I got out of the acute ward it ended up that I was in the same room Frank had been in, but he had left the hospital. He had fought with the help of a lawyer to get out. He came to visit me and kept saying I needed to get out of the hospital.

At this time I was getting visitors from friends and family. Even my former fiancé came.

I did not want to go back home, but on the day I was discharged there was a robbery at my Dad’s house. They had a gun. My Dad was hit over the head with the gun and I was terrified of going home. So, I called Frank and Frank said I could come by his place. I took a cab there and Frank paid for the cab and hum, I could not believe the mess this man lived in. Small little apartment in Yorkville and we ended up sleeping together.

Me, thirty, Frank, seventy-two – him Jewish, me, Christian – him, white, me, black…Frank wanted me to convert, said we were married just because we slept together. He would sleep with the radio on, either the jazz station or the classical station. I do not think he was taking his medication. I was taking mine openly.

Frank had a complication of health problems. He had heart disease, coupled with diabetes and bipolar disorder. He had gotten into the hospital because he was trying to start a business and it was driving him mad. When he was walking around in the chill and snow of winter in his bare feet, the ambulance picked him up.

I first entered the hospital February 20, 1995. It was very cold in Toronto. Frank brought me some warmth. We had a bit of a love den. And the first time we were together we would spend all our waking hours together and all our sleeping hours together.

We went around Yorkville and he would tell me about how he had all these different businesses and money offshore. I must say the greedy part of me was kind of happy to be with a man who had money. Even though Frank lived in a small bachelor apartment in Yorkville, he told me how he had worked in a bank for thirty-five years and he had gone to law school at the University of Toronto, but he did not finish. And hum, I do like educated and accomplished men. I like beautiful men too. How could a seventy-two-year-old man be beautiful?

Frank was not. He had big watery eyes, hazel I think…definitely hazel. He had these juicy red lips…definitely juicy. He had this habit of eating every two hours because he said he needed to eat a lot. He would drink a lot. Not alcohol. I had only seen him drink alcohol once. He would drink a lot of Coca-Cola. We spent a lot of time together and then he started talking about marriage. He said he wanted to marry me. He would tell me all these different stories about his days of trying to get work in Toronto and being Jewish, it was hard. So, he went down to the Bahamas and worked for Scotiabank.

He had been married twice. His first wife he had two kids with, men older than me – and his second wife died walking off a curb and falling on her head.

He showed me places where he did work in Toronto, in the rat race of Bay Street. He showed me Kensington Market, told me that it used to be a Jewish neighbourhood and the one he grew up in. He was a tender man and a man who was very generous. He brought me into his home and took care of me. He made our meals. Hum, never expected me to lift a finger. He had somebody come in to clean the place. Somebody came in to take care of his feet because they were still bruised.

The reason why I only lasted at the job I eventually got for a week is because Frank presented me with some papers where he said he would pay me seventy-eight thousand dollars a year to be his administrative assistant. Meanwhile, I am thinking this man has money so I thought that was the better deal…more money, good for me.

He had this idea that we would do the business and I would invest the start-up costs because his money was tied up offshore. However, I would get all the money back plus my salary. So hum, I quit the job and ended up working for Frank. Working for Frank meant everything from tying his shoelaces after he would pee in his pants hidden by a bus shelter, cleaning his bum and drawing baths for him, hum, and hum, typing up documents for him. I am moving up in the job activities the job description here. And hum, having wonderful dinners with PR consultants and modeling agents at the Sutton Place Hotel to discuss Frank’s idea to start an airline in Canada that would run from Toronto Island Airport. This was before the one that is there now. Passengers would only be allowed one piece of luggage and no food would be served, but food would be allowed on the plane. The bonus is that the passengers would receive really cheap discount flights.

It was called Air Sky. Frank even had one of the people hired as one of the managers of the airline make a toy plane with the Air Sky logo on it to be given to children on the plane. When I was having a party in one of the suites of The Sutton (they had cheaper rates because of SARS), my old friend Liza and her fiancé was there and when Liza saw the toy plane, she asked Frank – is that your first plane for your airline? Frank said nothing. Liza told me I did not need Frank. I did not need his debt.

As part of the spending spree for business necessities that I bought with the backing of Frank’s cheques drawn on U.S. banks, so the bank was holding them for twenty-one days – bought plenty of clothes at Holt Renfrew and The Bay on Bloor to maintain the image Frank wanted me to project.

I bought a 1997 British Racing Green Jaguar with a cream leather interior and a six CD changer. It was a Vander plus. I put a ten thousand dollars deposit on a condo in Rosedale that Frank told me he would give me in writing the agreement to buy back from me with more money in my pocket.

To relax after all that shopping, I paid for a massage at some swanky spa in Yorkville for both of us, known as the Pacific Wellness Institute.

Frank left Toronto to do some business in Florida and promised he would be back in four days. He said in the meantime I could stay in his old studio and by time he came back all cheques he gave me would clear and he would have the money he needed to help me pay off the rest of the down payment on the condo.

Four days turned into four weeks until I heard anything from Frank again. He called me from jail in Jacksonville, Florida and reeled off a list of instructions that I barely listened to. I hung up the phone while he was in mid-speech. He had been arrested for fraud and I realized that is exactly what he had done to me. Every CHEQUE he gave me bounced – every single one. And I was big-time broke and without a job.

            I started art modeling, worked for the government, did freelance journalism and now I teach communications and write.


After my third breakdown which took place after Christmas of 1995, I spent the New Year in the hospital. Then something remarkable happened. I got a call from the CBC National TV newsroom calling me in for an interview to be an editorial assistant. I was still in hospital when I went into the interview with one of the bosses who ran the newsroom.

            “Who’s your FAVOURITE journalist on the National?” she asked.

            I said Jason MOSCOVITCH because he was really the only one I knew.

            “There’s a gap in your employment, you haven’t been working for three months. Why is this?”

            Rather than tell her some elaborate lie, or just tell her I could not find work because the latter has not ever been a problem for me, I told her the truth – or at least half of it.

            “I’ve been suffering from depression. I actually came out of the hospital just to be at this interview.”

            She was very understanding and said that many women suffered from this. Her assistant, Carolyn, became a friend of mine. And called me a few days later to tell me I had the job despite the stiff competition.

            My doctor was thrilled. He was a Ghanaian man who had diagnosed me with schizo-affective disorder, a cross between maniac depression and schizophrenia. My friends like Steven, William, and Nancy were thrilled too. I was back at the CBC and should be happy about it. The doctor said jobs gave people a purpose.

            I was greatly disappointed. The job I had at the CBC before was working both in radio and television and my title was a journalist, even though I was setting up editorial boards on diverse communities. Now I had been downgraded to an editorial assistant. Working shift work again, and running script between newsroom and studios, as well as running the tele-prompter.

            Life at home was stressful. Without my independence at the age of twenty-three LIFE, living at home when I had been on my own since undergraduate education at eighteen, was very difficult, sometimes, yet joyful! The family was shattered by my health. And my brother and sister still seemed to stay away from me.

            Before, as a teenager, when I was living in my mother’s house I was in the basement and had it completely to myself. For some reason then I could stand the darkness, but I was sleeping a lot and undiagnosed depressed and maniac. When I moved back into her home, my brother had a room on the third floor of the house, and he unwillingly made an exchange with me to take his room so I could have more light to lift my depression. But this was only after I broke down for the fourth time.

            I was sleeping on a mattress on my mother’s floor to avoid the basement and it was driving me crazy. I was still refusing to take consistently the medication the doctor prescribed, because Constance had once told me it would make me weak. I was not sleeping and still working and finding it hard to deal with the shifts, although they were not as bad as the ones in the national radio newsroom. One morning I called in sick, having a crying fit on the phone with my boss for the editorial assistants, Carolyn. That night I asked my mother for the keys to her car and left the house, driving in a maniac daze to Steven and William’s house.

            They let me crash there. Steven kept trying to make me food, but I would not eat. William was smoking pot while I was talking furiously and fast about being a Ugandan princess and asking the others and myself why the fuck I was in Canada when I could be a queen in Uganda. William’s girlfriend was part of my audience too.

            After the night was over, Nancy came by and tried to console me, because I was in a crying fit. She was dating Steven, after trying to fix me up with him. On the second night of my staying at Steven and William’s place, while Steven was sleeping on the couch because he gave me his bed, I tried to seduce him. I was confused. I thought we could still be together and he was treating me so well, and I was so needy for comfort and affection.

            He rejected my advances. The next day, without anything being said, Nancy and William tried to take me to a hospital in Scarborough. The doctor on staff tried to give me a whole bunch of drugs that I refused to take. And I stormed out of the hospital.

            What I remember next is when Nancy and Steven tried to take care of me. I told them I wanted to go to this black bookstore in downtown Toronto around Bathurst Street that is no longer under the same management. It was a husband and wife team who owned it. When I got into the store, I sat by the books for children, sat down on a child’s chair, all of my five feet ten inches and about one hundred and thirty pounds, in shoes, and cried.

            Nancy and Steven took me out of the bookstore. We were driving in Steven’s old Mercedes Benz in blue and went to my father’s house. Nancy did not come, I do not know why.

            Before we got to my father’s house I noticed a house up for sale. I told Steven I wanted to buy that house and raise my brother and sister because as the eldest and with all the fighting going on in the home for so long I felt I had done that any way. Steven took me to my father who wanted me to go to the hospital, but I refused. Then, he wanted to keep me inside the house. I refused that too. When they would not let me go I threatened to jump off my father’s balcony, and I swear my father almost hit me, but Steven denies witnessing this.

            Steven took me away, I finally got out of my father’s home, and he was driving me to the hospital. I was raging. I walked down the street to the hospital downtown ranting and raging and disturbing the dead. The police at Wellesley subway station stopped me and an ambulance took me to the nearest hospital. I was ranting at the hospital, for putting me in restraints, which is like bondage and slavery to a black person. I was ranting for them keeping me in an isolation room making it difficult for my godmother to come and visit me. I was ranting at them for my illness, because I was sick.

            I stayed not long in the hospital; with medication I usually make a quick recovery. I was going to be followed by a female doctor, a psychiatrist to see every week. I still had my job at the CBC, but I was very depressed. It was a struggle for me to get up in the morning and I hated taking the medication, lithium. And now I was diagnosed as a maniac depressive, after being called a schizophrenic the first time. I got sick for the fifth time in March of 1996, the events causing my doctor at the Scarborough hospital where I was sent to chastise me. He wanted to keep me in hospital for a long time to run tests on me. My boss Carolyn from the CBC came to visit me and said she could not see what was wrong with me. She also promised me she would put me on a regular shift, the night one from six o’clock to two o’clock, where I would be like an evening researcher. This fed my ego a bit. Despite doctor’s orders I signed myself out of hospital, and the Ghanaian doctor said he would never treat me if I returned to that hospital again. I wonder what has happened to him now. Perhaps those tests on my health were needed more than my job. But I chose work. And I continued to see the female doctor at the downtown hospital taking lithium until she went on sabbatical without telling me. And I got off my lithium.

            I managed to stay well for six months without any medication and without a psychiatrist. I made some friends in CBC National newsroom, two of whom I knew from my undergraduate journalism degree at Carleton, such as Rosie and Diane. The other was named Mary who I trained for the job as editorial assistant.

            By the spring and summer, Rosie decided she wanted to spend it in Ottawa, so she rented out her one bedroom spacious condo to me for three months for three hundred a month. The condo was perfect. All decorated in dark green like nature. I needed only to come with my clothes and it was located in the Annex, just steps away from St. George subway station. I got a chance to get my independence back and my Sunday brunches with Diane and Casey, another friend I made, made life very sweet.

            There were signs that not everything was OK in my head, that in retrospect I can see. I kept imagining that someone was following me. And, that this guy who I had a crush on at work was outside my door stalking me. Wishful thinking I suppose.

            I was not enjoying my job at the CBC. It was mundane and dull. I needed a challenge and made my plans to go to Uganda.

            Uganda was the place I had always dreamed of going to since I was 14 years old. I remember telling my dad, and he discouraged me by telling me I would get killed. This did not deter me since he did tell me this in a drunken stupor. The only way I was going to get to go to Uganda was if I lied. So I told my dad I was going with a white friend named Emily who I also worked with at the CBC. Emily did want to go to Africa, but did not have the money to go at the time. I had my father believing Emily was going with me the whole time. He gave me money to help me go and set me up with my Uncle Edward who was head of the biochemistry department at MAKERERE University so I could be a lecturer in the mass communication department. Once everything was set, I planned to leave in October of 1996, just in time for their school year to start where I would be teaching radio and television. I gave my notice to the CBC, just before a permanent editorial assistant position was opening up, which many people felt I would get. It went to Mary, who I had trained. I planned to get other work in Uganda and hopefully do some freelancing, so I contacted media places in Toronto and bought a Hi-8 video camera so I could do video work while I was there.

I flew British Airways. My whole family said goodbye to me at the airport, and my friends from the CBC had a going-away party for me. As I boarded the plane, it seemed like I was in good mental health, without medication, and without a psychiatrist, but just by following one of my dreams.


            I lost my job at Radio Canada International in a day with only two weeks’ severance. This happened May 16, 2000. I fell into a depression.

They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway…I wanted to know. All I wanted was to get to Broadway, and I wanted to get there fast.

            I was in another of my maniac phases just a few days after seeing my shrink. I fell into a depression first deciding that I was a failure in Montreal, and I was going to pack it all in and move to Toronto. There, I could be with my mother and my sister, live in my mother’s house, and think over my life. There were too many pressures in Montreal. Thinking about what to do about ending my lease, trying to get unemployment insurance after losing my job at the public broadcasting radio station, plus my boyfriend Michel was a tour guide and spent a lot of time away. I was missing him and doubting his love for me at the same time.

            In a crying fit I phoned him and broke up with him while he was in Toronto. He did not even sound angry. I did not give him the time to make a fuss. He did seem confused and really wanted to talk to me about it. I would not let him and hung up the phone before he could say anything else.  He was just using me any way I told her.

            That night I did not sleep. I started packing my things for Toronto. Wondering if I could move out first thing in the morning, I called an overnight mover to see if they could move all my furniture and things by the next day, which was a Friday. Even though I was expected to be in Ottawa to see my godmother, I was making the decision to be in Toronto instead.

            I called my sister and asked her if she could pick me up at the train station. I had made the decision that I would only leave with what I could carry. She wanted to pick me up at Guildwood, but I asked her to pick me up downtown instead.

            My sister thought it was better to meet at Guildwood, but I insisted on downtown. Toronto downtown at night looks like Broadway. I told her I was taking the express train from five o’clock to nine o’clock.

            I started packing. I decided to take my favourite three bags and leave most of my things to make up for the rent I still owed.

            I went around my apartment when I thought I could get a mover putting post-it notes on the things I wanted moved. That was similar to how they handled the move at Radio Canada International where I worked.

            Once I realized I could only make this move with what I could carry, I concentrated on my three favourite bags – all black. In the large one went my clothes. My designer items fitting better a slightly smaller version of myself. I put things like magazines, Oprah Winfrey’s first in my knapsack plus some of my own writing. I put my expensive mini-disc and had MY ENTIRE ID in my mailman-like Gap bag.

            I did get some sleep that night, a fitful one. I dreamed that my mother went bankrupt and her and my sister went to live with my rich godmother. That dream brought me happiness and a sense that there were good things to come.

            Early in the morning I remember I trekked out of my apartment carrying the three black bags. I left my door open and the key by the landlord’s doorstep.

            Just in case I did decide to stay in Montreal, I planned to check into a bed and breakfast on CHERRIER Street in Montreal I had seen before. On my journey there I lost my big bag with designer clothes and my own original paintings at ANGRIGNON Metro. My mind was totally messed up going to SHERBROOKE Metro and I went in the opposite direction. There were whispers of not working from my lover, feelings of regret and loss.

            By time I REACHED to the Château CHERRIER, all I HAD WAS MY Gap bag and KNAPSACK. I rang the BELL, THEY let me in.

            “Are you looking for a single room?” the middle-aged QUEBEÇOIS man asked.

            I had broken up with Michel, so I was. “Yes.”

            He showed me to a clean room upstairs, no carpet on the floor, furniture bland. Before I settled in, I went to settle the money with the middle-aged man.

            “I’m only staying for a few days to find an apartment in the Plateau.” Even though I already had a lease signed with an apartment in VILLERAY.  “I’m hoping I can get a deal on the room.”

            I did not have a lot of money I wanted to spend. I had to keep a float in my account for bank reasons. We negotiated the room would be one hundred dollars with tax for three days. I gave him my camera – Pentax and from my mother – as collateral in case I stayed more days.

            I tried to get the middle-aged man named Lionel into a conversation about doing some redecorating for him, being able to use his computer to work on my RESUMÉ, about sex (although I had no intention to do it with him. I just wanted to talk, and to work, and be useful). All I got were the keys to my room, room three HUNDED and two, and instructions to be back by 9 p.m.

            I walked the Plateau, leaving my knapsack locked in the room. I decided I did not want to live there because it was so loud. I headed for the train station remembering I was to meet my sister.

            I booked a train for about three o’clock one way to Toronto. That cost me more than a one hundred dollars on my VISA. In my head it was forty dollars. I had plenty of time to kill – it was still morning. I decided to do some work.

            “They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway,” I sang. I was sitting on Rene-Levesque outside the train station with my hand held out for change.

            I got a dollar. I voyaged through good and bad NEIGHBOURHOODS by foot and bus to make it to my bank outside L`EGLISE Metro to deposit the dollar. I asked them to put it in my CHEQUING/savings account.

            Then, I went to work again. Outside L`EGLISE METRO, I sang and danced and drew a small crowd. None of them would give me money. They looked like unemployed older men and we were all in the same boat.

            “You should create a real show,” one of them said. “Add music and costumes and play an instrument.”

            I did not take his advice too kindly. I packed up my act and jumped on the metro to head back to the train station, only carrying my Gap bag.

            I seemed rather sane as I boarded the train. Calmly I selected to take the train car heading to Guildwood, forgetting about my plans with my sister to meet downtown. I had given her a call to tell her I was on a different train.

            I had my mini-disc with me in my one bag and I spent most of the ride listening to interviews I had done while working at the public broadcaster. I came up with this idea that one way I could make money and keep myself busy was to write a book, transcribing these interviews with interesting people.

            It is funny the thing about being on medication. It keeps you regular, it keeps you sane, and it keeps you in the moment of your daily reality of everyday life. Not taking it as I traveled on that train, in retrospect I realize I was not dealing with reality of my mania. My mind was in the past, and in the future, but never really in the present moment.

            When I got off the train I had finished listening to a conversation behind me. Two young men were talking about getting into graduate school and getting their PhDs. Something I could relate to having my master`s degree, and also having my own PhD aspirations. They were talking about the sciences though, physics and chemistry. That I cannot relate to because both of my degrees are in arts, one being in journalism. Then the conversation switched to something else I could relate to.

            The young man on the left, who I turned around to see that he was blond, started talking about his father who was schizophrenic. After I listened to his story of growing up with his father, and everything he went through, the father’s struggles too, I put myself to work once again – this time through journalism and not through song.

            “Excuse me,” I said turning around.

            I told him about being a journalist and that I wanted to do a story about his life with his father. He seemed very happily surprised, and I gave him my father’s phone number so he knew where to reach me.

            As I unloaded from the train I chatted with the few men, as long as some other people. I sauntered off the train saying goodbye to a middle-aged woman and a “see ya,” to the young man with a schizophrenic father.

            “Call me,” I told him as I went out to find my sister for the ride to my mother’s.

            I saw no one in sight and instantly jumped into a cab to take me to my mother’s. Only carrying my Gap bag.

            The driver in the burgundy cab and I talked about lots of things because it was a long ride home. First I wanted him to drop me by the hotel where Michel was staying as part as his work as a tour guide. He mainly lives in Montreal and it was just a temporary job until he started working with the French section of Canada’s public broadcaster.

            Michel was not there. He had already checked out of the hotel. I left him a note with “fuck you,” scribbled on it and intended to keep it until I saw him. I kept that note in my hands all the way to my mother’s house.

            I no longer have the keys to my mother’s semi-detached home she had in Markham, so I rang the bell. She welcomed me, but I did not really want to be there.

            We got into an argument. I went into her room that looked as gothic and museum-like as that Château CHERRIER place in Montréal. I told my mother how I felt, my anger at her for putting up with a man who beat her for so many years. It hurt me the past. The room was filled with ghosts that I had grown up but still should of stayed in the past. I was not taking my medication but telling my mother that I was.

            Something in my mother’s eyes scared me – the hurt, the pain, the anguish as she looked at me. I ran out her door into the night with my bag. As I ran down Warden Ave., I dropped my bag. The weight was too much. And I desperately wanted to rid myself of my baggage.

            I ran to the BAMBURGH Circle convenience store and tried to call my father to pick me up. I could not get a hold of him so I ran from BAMBURGH Circle in the dark night to Finch Ave.

            Once I was at Finch I did not know what to do with myself. I had no money or ID, I threw that away. I thought about hitching a ride to my Dad’s house, which I had not ever done before, but that was too dangerous and scared me. I saw a bus coming.

            I ran across the street to the bus headed to Finch station and begged the guy to let me on. He said yes and I took a seat in the back. I was distraught, so I started to sing.

            “They say the neon lights are bright, on Broadway,” I sang at the top of my lungs. “ They say the neon lights can fill the air.”

            People seemed to be happy, one guy, white, even told me to “sing on sister.” So I did.

            As the bus was reaching the subway station a black man was coming off and he told me to shut up. I got verbally violent with him. Jumping up like a Jamaican and telling him I was going to put a gunshot to his head. He stayed away from me.

            I sang on the subway too, getting through with no problem in Toronto’s Transit system. At first I sat down and sang, then I started walking through the cars and singing, trying to get change. When I did not get any I got off at Lawrence East subway station.

            I was frightened there, without any idea of where to go, I called my Dad to pick me up and meet me at the corner opposite the Coffee Time at Young and Lawrence.

            I tried to wait patiently; my Dad said he would be about half an hour. While I waited, I decided to take my performance to the streets.

            I sang and drew a crowd of teenagers. Plus I did a little performance art for them. The show exhausted me, I got a standing ovation, but my father still had not come, and I had no money in my pockets.

            I walked down some street close to a park, thinking about sleeping in the bushes for the night. I got scared and decided to hail a cab to New York, to Broadway. A cab stopped and I got in, thanked him for stopping and told him I wanted to go to New York. I had no money and he did not want to go anyway. I had a friend in New York, married with a cat, and living in Spanish Harlem with a great job. I figured she could pay my cab and I could pay her back and crash at her place.

            He decided not to take me for the ride that left me on the dark streets of Toronto alone. I was scared and manic at the same time. I saw this lovely apartment building and tried to find shelter there.

            The concierge let me in and I told him I wanted a job as a doorwoman. The concierge turned me down but I sat outside the building, smoking cigarettes he had given me. I planned to wait until morning when the manager came to ask for a job.

            The plan did not last long. I walked back to the corner of Yonge and Lawrence, weary of every man looking at me. My hair was in an extension with a weave at the end and even in my state, I looked like a hot mama.

            I looked like a hot mama so much so that I attracted this older Greek man named Cyril at the Coffee Time corner.

            I was sitting there, getting day old bagels for free from the kind South Asian owner, and coffee. I was also singing at the counter. Cyril beckoned me over. I told him to wait awhile until I finished my song.

            I did not get to know his name until much later, but I found out we were alumni from Concordia University, called Sir George Williams in his time. He was an engineer and fascinating to talk to. He had been in Tanzania for eight years working there and we talked a lot about Africa.

            We also talked about life in general. I was feeling very confused about where to direct my anger at the injustice in the world. The injustice of having so many crazy people in my life, people driving my family crazy, racism, sexism, lack of respect from bad people for being a stellar person, collectively with others, as well as on my own, and being out of work with my education and credentials, of having a boyfriend who in my mind did not really love me. Cyril explained it this way:

            “There is a balance in life. There are no winners or losers. Who wins and who loses is a game, it’s just a game. The focus must be on balance.”


I came into the hospital raving about the death of my brother. Never having seen the Blair Witch ProjectI imagined that a group of witches, one of them including someone I worked with, had gone to Toronto and killed him.

The medication was out of my system and my thoughts were racing faster than I was down the street. After sitting through an information session at McGill’s PhD program, I checked myself into a hotel, the most expensive one in town, and rode the bus up Du PARC on a dark Montreal night.

On the bus I spoke to the sky, looking at the crack of it coming through the escape exit on the ceiling.

“God, I will avenge my brother’s death. Kevin, you are in Heaven, but I will bring your murderers to Hell.”

I jumped off the bus before the driver had a chance to kick me off and marched down SHERBROOKE Street. Once I returned to the hotel, I ordered their most expensive meal, but something told me not to order the most expensive wine.

My room was large and luxurious. It had a TV that swung completely around from the bedroom to the living room. I got bored of crying and went downstairs in my white hotel bathrobe and bought some cigarettes from the front desk.

“What are you doing down here dressed like that?” the man at the desk asked.

I laughed and asked for the cigarettes. Later I realised that he must have thought what was a girl like me checking into a hotel like that – must have been a call girl.

I was having fantasies of being enormously wealthy and living them out. When he pulled out a grand box filled with different kinds of cigarettes, I laughed again and remembered when my father gave me a carton of cigarettes before Christmas 1998.

“Did my father send those?” I asked in a British accent I did not have.

The man just shook his head at me, as though I was crazy.

I did not sleep that night. In the morning, I came down again in my bathrobe to the large hotel lobby and expected to be treated like a queen. The manager got fresh with me, and was hostile towards me. He ordered me out of the hotel. The police and someone from the CLSC came. That is how I got into the hospital, once again at the Royal Victoria, once again in the Brief Therapy Unit.

Since I stayed two weeks in the hospital, I made friends there. I was trying to secure employment at Radio Canada International’s new African section while in the hospital. I was also trying to set a date for my project defence.

The environment inside a hospital is hostile. There was this one woman named Carolyn who did not like me. She thought I was some spoiled rich brat. Her friend was Michele, an Italian woman who later became my roommate. Michele and I became friends and when I got out of the hospital I stayed with her for a while. But it was a manic event.

Michele devised this plan that we would go into business together. She would pay me fifty thousand dollars a year and we would do music videos. She had me stay in her apartment for a week watching music videos, shopping when we were outside, spending my own money on her, and listening to music. We went to the Bonaventure Hotel and had an expensive meal, on me. I was using my credit card and spending money I did not have. Michele was luring me into thinking I was the one to marry her brother REESHARD, who I had met in the hospital and had an instant crush on. Michele said something about my medication just being sleeping pills any ways, so why take them. I listened to her and stopped taking my medication for about a day. It made me do the strangest things at the Bonaventure Hotel.

I thought REESHARD was coming, and Michele kept saying that he was. She said there was going to be a big party for her. She told me to go to Place Ville Marie and wait for REESHARD. I went and sat there for hours, even though I had to go to the washroom, I held it. When I could not stand it anymore and I had already started peeing my pants, I left the designated spot, went to the washroom, and looked for Michele. I found her back at the Bonaventure Hotel, and we went back to her place where she had a big fuss with her boyfriend and brother who knew she was not taking her medication. When I realised that she was acting that way because she was not on her meds, I started taking my medication, and called my sweet friend David to pick me up and deal with the situation. I walked away with David, wanting him to spend the night at my place, but he had to go back to his girlfriend.

Michele ended up in the hospital. I stabilized once I started taking my medication again regularly and as prescribed. I got the job at Radio Canada International part-time, turning to full-time after the technician’s strike. I also got my master’s degree.

A doctor I did not like was following me in the outpatient ward of the Allan Memorial at the Royal Victoria Hospital. I started self-prescribing medication. The medication he put me on made me gain more weight, made me sleep for thirteen hours at a stretch, and generally depressed. By the early part of the millennium, I started talking to David, who is also a pharmacist, about how I could get off my medication. By March, I took myself off.

Future, Future

Part One:

I had no idea how long I had been walking when I saw the light at the top of a house on Esplanade. Ever since I had run away from my dinner with Mary, I was just walking, not feeling safe anywhere. Mary had talked about us taking a vacation to Mexico. I even remember her saying she would pay. She made a lot more money than I did working for radio as a journalist. She did erotic massage. I was sure her job was more fun too. But, I cursed Mary for not letting me stay over at her place, when my janitor was harassing me, my father looking for me. I kept thinking they were trying to kill me, and that they had already killed my cat. I kept seeing images of my cat everywhere. It was frightening me. I had been walking around late at night, scared that something would happen, and even more scared to go home.

I took a bus to the end of the line, the woman driver screaming at me to get off. I took a cab to the corner of Mont Royal and PARC – I was looking for Kim’s house – a guy I knew at work who I had dated once or twice. I was sure that I could find safety there. But, I had spent the whole night trying to find it. And, I was sure that my father had put some spell on me through the Haitians in Montreal and was messing up my mind. Just as I was coming close to being in Kim’s safe house and arms, my father and his evil kind were changing the streets of Montreal to look like my hometown Toronto.

Once I got to the corner of Mont Royal and PARC with the taxi driver (who was black and I was sure was working for my father), I threw pennies at him in the busy intersection instead of paying.

I walked my way up to Mary’s house, at Van Horne, the walk seeming like one to a corner store in comparison to all the walking I did that Friday, March 24, 2000. I seemed to reach Mary’s in minutes and I rang the bell.

No one answered. I knew she was there and I needed to go to the bathroom so I pissed on her walkway. I was also pissed with Mary.

It is further down the street, heading towards Bernard, that I saw the light at the top of the house. I felt filthy. I had been walking like the killer in the Spike Lee movie, Summer of Sam. My thighs were soiled with urine, and chaffed. I had been wearing the same clothes for the past two days. I needed a shower. I walked towards the house.

I could hear music and lots of voices. I had no idea what time it was, although I was wearing a watch – I was afraid to know what time it was.

I climbed the steps to the apartment at the top where I knew the party was. I rang the doorbell and a light flickered outside. I figured this was my safe house.

Music and many strange sounds filled my senses. I took a quick look around and headed to the bathroom.

I took off all my clothes and started to draw a bath in the old-fashioned big tub. I scrubbed away at my dirty skin – thankful I had found a safe place to be.

Some of the guys at the party were trying to come in to the bathroom while I was there. Someone firmly closed the door.

When I was finished bathing, I tried to turn the water off, but could not.

Standing up out of the water naked, I went to the bathroom door and asked some of the women if they could turn the water off. One woman started laughing uproariously, and I told her to shut up, thinking she must be crazy to be laughing at a time like this.

A woman came to turn off the water and I got dressed. I moved into the mix of the party.

No one seemed to be really talking to me, a few people saying hello. I knew no one there.

I went to sit down on one of the coaches. I was surprised after I checked out the apartment. There were so many people in the kitchen that I could not get through and see a thing. The bathroom was empty now that I was not in it. The hallway had a smattering of people. There was a room in the front that I could not figure out what it was used for. There was a small balcony off that room.

I asked someone where the bedroom was in the apartment, feeling very confused. The person never answered.

In the living room, the middle was empty, but with a stereo in the corner, and two couches pushed side-by-side up against the wall along the door I originally came through. The floors were hardwood.

I sat down on a couch I remember being crème, beside a couch I remember being dark, maybe navy. I sat there and looked around for only a few minutes when I heard a deep voice in my left ear.

“Are you a friend of the hostess…”

I looked over at a white young man, with dark hair, a moustache and a goatee. He was wearing a suit – tie, yellow with stripes. I had noticed him talking with a young man with lighter hair and kind of rotund. We had smiled at each other before he said his first words to me. I had been sitting there, looking around, and feeling very safe from the evil spirits of my father.

“No, I do not know anyone here,” I replied, noticing his eyes were blue. I liked that. Very exotic.

We chatted for a while, me on the crème couch, him on the dark couch. After awhile it seemed silly.

“Why don’t you come sit over here…” he asked when the lighter-haired guy left to refresh his drink.

I got up and went over there to sit beside the dark-haired, blue-eyed young man, wearing a suit.

One of the very first things he did when I sat down was take off his jacket and loosen his tie.

“I don’t like wearing a suit,” he said. “I came here from work.”

He started telling me about this journalist who interviewed him about something for work. He talked about how the journalist asked stupid questions and kept trying to turn the story into what he wanted, rather than what the story really was.

I completely agreed with him, letting him know I was a journalist and basically had a low opinion of them. Then he said:

“My name is Nicholas by the way.”

I rolled the name around in my head. Nicholas was acceptable.

“I’m Karen.”

He looked all nervous and kept undoing his tie until it was off.

“What does that say on your shirt…”

I was wearing a T-shirt that said ‘YARI, YARI,’ the meaning I had forgot. I received it at a writer’s conference in New York. I knew it was in an African language and I thought it meant future, future, but I wasn’t sure.

“It doesn’t matter,’ I said.

“Well,” Nicholas unbuttoned the highest button on his shirt.

“I’m just trying to make conversation and I’m interested in what it means.”

He needed to repeat himself a few times because I couldn’t hear him over the music and voices.

“It doesn’t matter.” I refused to give a possibly incorrect translation of yari yari.

“It’s just that,” he undid another button, “I saw you in the bathroom, and all these guys were looking at you. I didn’t want them to look at you so I shut the door.”

“Uh-hmm…” I moaned, wondering what else the night had in store for me.

“I’m the one who shut the door.”

I nodded my head and looked at him occasionally. I had made the right choice sitting beside Nicholas. The right choice in the man who would help me keep sane.

Nicholas told me that he had been the one to close the bathroom door because he liked me, and found me attractive. I found Nicholas attractive too, and it was getting too loud at the party to carry on a good conversation. I suggested we leave.

            “Do you want to go to a café where we can talk?” I asked.

            He looked pleasantly surprised.

            “Sure, we could go to a café.”

            Nicholas seemed to debate the issue of getting a coffee for five minutes before finally getting up the courage to get his jacket and wait by the door for me. Neither of us really knew anyone at the party – and we wanted to get to know each other – so making a party of two seemed to be the solution.

            I enjoyed the walk with Nicholas. We both walked increasingly closer to each other, with our hands fidgeting in our pockets. It was a beautiful late March evening – more worthy of early summer in Montreal, than early spring.

            I decided to change the coffee in a café to tea at his place. I popped my medication and vowed to keep taking them for the rest of my life. I was curious what his place was like, and I needed a safe place to stay.

            He asked me if I wanted anything, I cannot remember what I said. But we stopped off at a depanneur in the taxi we took to his place. I waited in the taxi and Nicholas left and came back like magic. I had to keep looking at him in the cab to make sure it was him.

            We had to be very quiet as we climbed the steps to his apartment on the top floor. It was beautiful, a huge three-and-a-half by Montreal standards – a huge one bedroom for Toronto. In Toronto he could easily spend one thousand dollars a month on rent. I did not ask, but I was sure he was paying about half that amount.

            The walls were filled with huge paintings – kind of rustic, but showed a good eye. Nicholas brought me to the kitchen.

            “Do you like the table?”

            “Yes, it’s beautiful.”

            “I made it,” he said.

            I looked at him with shock. “You’re a carpenter, like Jesus.” Now I knew why he was saviour.

            “Actually, I designed it. I picked out the pattern and the style and gave that to the people who did the physical labour.”

            It was a beautiful table. Dark red and golden tiles almost looked like stained glass on the tabletop.

            “You’re an artist,” I said.

            “Here,” he said, taking my hand into the living room. It was the first time we had touched, and I did not know how I felt about it.

“See these paintings on the walls, and the photographs? Who do you think did them?”

            I turned to him and smiled, “you.”

            He nodded.

            They looked even better now that I knew he was the artist.

He fell asleep, and I roamed about the apartment until morning light. I threw the black magic woman cat outside. I carefully studied every piece of art and photographic art on the walls, absolutely impressed. By time the morning light came, I was convinced this was the man I had been looking for most my twenty-seven years.

It was a Saturday, but he had to go to work for a meeting at 11. I lied in bed while he got dressed.

“I could stay here,” I offered.

“No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’ll call you later.”

I gave him my phone numbers, at work, at home, and on my pager. I never took his number because I was angry he would not let me stay in his apartment.

By time we stepped outside the triplex, mastering the three flights of stairs, I was not angry anymore and just happy it was daylight, and I could occasionally look into his blue eyes.

I had no idea where we were, but we walked to the Metro (the subway station) which about 10 minutes.

Once we were on the train, we had a light conversation, Nicholas saying we should wait two years with our relationship and see if it can go anywhere after that. Last night he was talking about other relationships he had, and how his work always got in the way. I did tell him about having bipolar disorder, and he kept encouraging me to smile.

Nicholas got off at Peel station, and I expected to see him again soon. He asked me what I was doing for the day. I told him I would go home and try looking for another apartment.

That is not exactly what I did that day. I never ended up at home, but I did find shelter at the Royal Victoria Hospital on the psychiatric ward for about ten days.

Almost ten years later I take my medication every day – I write this as I listen to Alanis MORRISETTE singing “Ironic.” This is my long song with a quiet title of “Manic.

Beautiful Bedrooms (Originally Published in New Dreamhomes and Condominiums Magazine)

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Self-Publishing Around Course for One-Year, Renewable Each Year Until You Complete Your Book for Each Book. Coach you to write, edit, and help you design the cover and/or do it, format the book, plus distribute it online and also within bookstores, marketing on Donna Magazine included in the price with an additional fee to market on online TV that can be as low as a $30.00 CAD membership cost that can be done anywhere in the world via Skype or any other compatible online platform. And yes, your ebook is included in the price. An audiobook and translated books are additional. They are priced below. Must pay upfront.


Translation of Your Book

Translating Your Book into any language you want.


Audiobook of Your Book with Your Voice or Mine (Former Broadcaster with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), with a North Atlantic sound



FREE Hairnet Café

I was reading a really interesting article on Global News email alerts today about a woman who used a cheap shampoo for 30 years and caused wax build-up in her hair! Well, my hair friend, just creating my dreadlocks the first time back in 1999, I used beeswax, and the buildup in my hair was so thick that it caused me to go to a hair salon called O’mari’s in Montréal when I was living there and the barber cut off my hair to look like one of the singers from Boyz to Men (he really had no choice). Only the hair close to my scalp was not murky:

So, my friend, the 30-year build up from cheap shampoo my friend, I would then use products that would also cause build-up on my hair. Even with the locks that I started in March of 2012 with the help of Mariam Ibrahim who has written a great book that I helped to edit:

Stepping Out by Mariam Ibrahim, Cover Design by Mariam Ibrahim

I would use products on my hair and then have just realised pretty much within the past six months, that my hair, and even afro-textured hair, pretty much wash and go and really does not require a lot of product, nor washing. Some of the people with straight hair, because most people with curly hair or frizzy hair know this, but most people even with straight hair, as I have been told by straight-haired people themselves, probably wash their hair more often than they actually should. Mariam Ibrahim herself, told me after I asked her: “how often should I wash my hair?” Yes, a common question I know, however, Mariam’s answer was not common. She said: “whenever it feels dirty.” Yes, this is true. And even many people know this about the skin on their bodies. Many people will wash their skin too often, then wonder, why they have dry skin? Well, if you wash your skin, face, clean your nails, etc., based on the theory that simply dirt, literal dirt, grime, buildup, etc., needs to be removed, then I would imagine, as I experience myself, that you will not have dry skin.

Why would this be important? Well, many people complain even about things such as wrinkles. As I grow older, I think about this. I am almost 50 years old, and not to brag, but I really don’t have wrinkles. But, it’s not necessarily because I am black, it has more to do with the fact that I use Castille soap which has an alkaline level to egg white, and I also dilute it, I’m not a construction worker, I’m a writer, I’m not exposed to any harsh chemicals as even some hairdressers themselves could be, therefore, I am really not exposing my skin to anything particularly damaging. It’s not that much different, in order to be a little funny, then if you have a piece of favourite clothing. If you barely wear your favourite clothing, it will last longer. If you wear it out, just like shoes as well, a lot, it will start to look raggedy.

All of this is meant to start an online forum that is absolutely free, called the Hairnet Café.

This is a revival of a café similar to the vibrations of the universal voices, not just curly hair talk, but straight hair talk, all different colours, as well as American spellers, and people with absolutely no hair. Let’s talk about hair, skin, nails, etc. If we get some advertisers on here, you may find out about some of the best places all over the world you can go to look the way you want to. If we have some great do-it-yourself types out there, you may receive some wonderful free tips.

This would be an on-going free Hairnet Café that is universal, where actually I began this idea in 1998 in Montréal, Québec inspired by Mariame Kaba who was talking black hair and writing it while I was just thinking about it:

Also, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” documentary in 2009:

But this time, the conversation I would like to be universal, not just about black folk! All folk have the same issues. Listen to notable academic Grant McCracken who also wrote another inspiring book I read while doing my original research on black hair politics back in 1998 and here is the book first, then a video from TEDxHarlem:

Grant McCracken discussing culture in corporations.

Donna Magazine encourages your comments and let’s see where this discussion takes us! I will be moderating the comments. British, American, and other written languages are welcome to respond. If you have a good comment and I can figure out the language that you are communicating in with Google Translate, it will be approved. Product/Service Interviews, Soundbites, Video Packages

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Five child authors who have stayed successful

Rachel Muenz Writes About Child Authors - Photo Courtesy of
Rachel Muenz Writes About Child Authors – Photo Courtesy of

Rachel Muenz - James Valitchka - October 11, 2009

By Rachel Muenz

It’s a common story: An author gets published at a very young age. For a few weeks, she is the centre of media attention, people rave about her talent, her book may sell well, but then she vanishes from the literary world, never to be heard of again.

Read More

Writing Help from Donna Magazine

By Donna Kakonge, Owner

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for reading my magazine.
At $6.00 USD per page, with a minimum order of $15.00 USD, you can’t go wrong!
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I also offer a $500.00 CAD flat fee service rate to edit your book! That’s it! It includes the following:

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Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kindest regards,
Dr Donna Kay Cindy Kakonge, BJ, MA, TESOL, LLB, EdD

About Donna Kakonge

            Donna Kakonge is an author, publisher, writer, former court reporter (stenographer), online lawyer, semi-retired college professor, academic, business owner, and mentor. You can contact me directly with any specific questions at

Purchase Writing Help Per Page

Per page rate. Minimum order of $15.00 USD.


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Editing Services.


Donna Kakonge’s Books | Audio – GET YOUR BOOK PUBLISHED WITH ME!

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Get editing and writing coaching for your book

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If you have a great memory and want to brag to your friends that you wrote a book, come to me!


If you are more of a visual person, and you do not read books anymore, it can be very good to write in order to remember. According to Meltzer’s 2018 book Executive function in education: From theory to practice published with Guilford Publications, writing is a form of fighting such things as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Here is a list of books that I have helped to edit

Steppin’ Out by Mariam Ibrahim (edited by Donna Kakonge) available on Amazon Kindle

Pinnacles of Vandalism (A selection of thoughts, feelings, and musings) by R. William Patry (promoted by Donna Kakonge) available various places, please search Google

Girl Power: Chronicles of the True Power of Female Friendships by Teresa Madaleno (edited by Donna Kakonge) available various places, please search Google

Anansesem: Telling Stories and Storytelling African Maternal Pedagogies. Toronto: Demeter Press. (editorial assistance by D. Kakonge).

BoomerBroadcast: Baby Boomer reflects on the journey from living life in the Sixties to living life in her Sixties by Lynda Davis (edited by Donna Kakonge) available various places, please search Google

Anansi and Rococo by Phyllis Broom Walker (children’s book edited by Donna Kakonge) available at

Never Far Apart, by Kitty Salsberg and Ellen Foster (part Ed. Donna Kakonge). Toronto: The Azrieli Foundation.

Here are my qualifications:

If you have any questions, you can email me at

Most books also available on Kobo, Amazon, Smashwords, iTunes Bookstore, iBooks, Barnes & NobleIngram, CD Baby, and Google Play and more

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How to talk to crazy people = do not know (2019)

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English to French Translation Book One (2019)

How to Be Happy (2019)

Bison (2019)

Don’t Do the Girl a Thing

Goretta Lee & Bison

Three Quarters [Second Edition]

How To Talk To Crazy People [Second Edition]

No Subject, This is Travis

Siete Borrar [Seven, Delete, In Spanish]

Seven, Delete [In French]

Seven, Delete

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Brand Your Name: Do You Know Who You Are Online?

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Ambient Noise (Live) – Audio Single

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Black History Project

On a Personal Note – Audio Single

Murmur Project (Live) – Audio Single

Voices of Black Girls in Toronto

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Comunicando con gente Loca

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Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

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Como Hablar Con La Gente Loca

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Afro Forever

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Promoting Hair Growth for All Hair Types: Using Natural Methods

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Examples of Expressive Writing: Further to How to Write Creative Non-fiction

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Twisted Romance

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Education: Opening Doors

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Donna Works Hard for the Money 

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Augmented Reality Stories – Part Two

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Augmented Reality Chidlren’s Stories

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Children’s Helper

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Young Black Women in Toronto High Schools: Portraits of Family, School and Community Involvement in Developing Goals and Aspirations

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God is Always There

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How to Write Creative Non-fiction – Multimedia

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I can help you to start an online business and also help with brick and mortar businesses as well. Please pay upfront below for an initial phone consultation via Skype and then pay an added fee for the work involved. I look forward to hearing from you soon. If you have general questions, you can contact me here:

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Donna Kakonge’s Writing Service – Online Writing and Editing

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Former James Morgan Attorney (online) employee will help you to get you with legal assistance. If you’re having legal challenges, I can help you, assist you, you will require a licensed lawyer for major issues. It’s possible that you may fear that you are in legal trouble and I can help you to clarify that issue for the prices listed below. If you are in legal trouble, I may be able to refer you to a number of lawyers I know throughout North America and in some parts of the world in order to help you to find an HONEST lawyer!

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Bob Phillips: Canadian

Bob Phillips was the editor of a bilingual newspaper in Aylmer, Quebec. This tells of his story of a sensitive man who tried to bridge the gap between two language communities in the place where he lived:

Donna Kakonge | Author | Book Publisher…2.0..0.129.1920.22j3……0….1..gws-wiz…..0..0i131j0j0i22i30j0i22i10i30j0i13j0i8i13i30.FNoqCFj1B6c#btnK=Google%20Search


Save ThatChannel Studios!

Save ThatChannel!
Hi Everyone,
I’ve got some sad news. After 15 years of internet broadcasting – supporting entrepreneurs, artists, and activists, we’ve been asked to leave our Bay St. studio with very short notice. Our last day of production will be this Friday, going live with “We Are Speechmakers” from 7-9pm. Then we are packing up everything and getting out of the building by Canada Day. 

At present, we have not found a new home. We are open to working with great people, and a great venue that ideally could accommodate live video, audio, and music production. We are also still looking for the ideal investment partner that shares our vision for ultimate success. If you or someone you know might be able to help with this or with a new home for ThatChannel, pls let me know.

We are raising funds for our new home. We’re grateful if you can help by supporting us through GoFundMe:
Click here to support ThatChannel on GoFundMe

Dr. Donna Kakonge’s Writing Service (Online Writing and Editing)

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Dr. Donna Kay Cindy Kakonge, BJ, MA, TESOL, LLB, EdD is offering online tutoring courses at group rates and individual rates. The contact information to find out more is below. My résumé to find out how I can help you. The courses are affordable. I also communicate completely, both written and spoken in all languages. You need to pay upfront before services are performed and the payment method is below.

Donna Kakonge’s Writing Service – Online Writing and Editing

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Donna Kakonge’s Writing Service (Online School Help)

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All Subjects

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Dr. Donna Kakonge’s Writing Service (Online Writing and Editing)

Payments are tax deductible under education expenses. You also receive free .pdf books with purchase that I have written of the same money amount of purchase.

All Subjects plus resumes

Dr. Donna Kay Cindy Kakonge, BJ, MA, TESOL, LLB, EdD is offering online tutoring courses at group rates and individual rates. The contact information to find out more is below. My résumé to find out how I can help you. The courses are affordable. I also communicate completely, both written and spoken in all languages. You need to pay upfront before services are performed and the payment method is below.

Donna Kakonge’s Writing Service – Online Writing and Editing

You can pay right here. The price is $6.00 USD per page with a minimum order of $15.00 USD.

Donna Kakonge’s Writing Service (Online School Help)

Please pay here before providing me with your homework instructions. Extra pages subject to extra billing. All Subjects provided. Satisfaction guaranteed. No Refunds. Revisions must come with payment. Your payment also includes pre-arranged Skype calls and email responses. Expenses are tax deductible. Minimum payment of $15.00 USD.


All Subjects

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Celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day with the Best in Indigenous Cinema

NFB.caView online DOCUMENTARY 
ANIMATIONINTERACTIVE Watch Tasha Hubbard’s Birth of a Family
In Tasha Hubbard’s deeply moving documentary Birth of a Family, four siblings separated as infants during the Sixties Scoop reunite to explore the challenges, anxieties, and joys of forming their new family. Watch now for free on our Indigenous Cinema channel.
WATCH NOWHoly Angels
Jay Cardinal Villeneuve’s short documentary Holy Angels retrace Canada’s colonial history through impressionistic images and the fragmented childhood memories of Lena Wandering Spirit.WATCH NOWTo Wake Up the Nakota Language
Uncover the important relationship between language and culture with this short profile on one of the last fluent Nakota speakers in Pheasant Rump First Nation, Treaty 4 territory, in southern Saskatchewan.
WATCH NOWThree thousand in this short, Inuk artist Asinnajaq plunges us into a sublime imaginary universe—14 minutes of luminescent, archive-inspired cinema that recast the present, past, and future of her people in a radiant new light.
WATCH NOWUrban.Indigenous.Proud
In honour of National Indigenous Peoples Day, the OFIFC and the NFB are thrilled to present
5 urban indigenous communities. 5 Friendship Centres. 5 short films.
WATCH NOWIndigenous Cinema
Celebrate Indigenous History Month with our Indigenous Cinema collection! Over 50 years of cinematic storytelling by First Nations, Metis, and Inuit filmmakers for you to discover and enjoy.WATCH NOWNFB events near you see EVENTS CONNECT WITH US

IRCC – World Refugee Day

Ministers Hussen, Freeland and Monsef mark World Refugee DayOttawa, June 20, 2019—The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship; the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs; and the Honourable Maryam Monsef, Minister of International Development and Minister for Women and Gender Equality, today issued the following statement:“Canada’s support for refugees is a longstanding, unwavering commitment supported by communities across the country. Canadians have continually supported Canada’s international humanitarian response to refugee crises around the world.”Read more  Les ministres Hussen, Freeland et Monsef soulignent la Journée mondiale des réfugiésOttawa, le 20 juin 2019 – Aujourd’hui, l’honorable Ahmed Hussen, ministre de l’Immigration, des Réfugiés et de la Citoyenneté, l’honorable Chrystia Freeland, ministre des Affaires étrangères, et l’honorable Maryam Monsef, ministre du Développement international et ministre des Femmes et de l’Égalité des genres, ont publié la déclaration suivante :« L’aide du Canada aux réfugiés est un engagement indéfectible de longue date appuyé par nos communautés partout au pays. Les Canadiens ont toujours soutenu les interventions humanitaires internationales du Canada en réponse aux crises liées aux réfugiés sur la planète. »Lisez plus

Immigration Canada – IRCC

Canada caring for caregivers Launching 2 new pilots: Home Child Care Provider and Home Support WorkerJune 15, 2019 – Toronto – Canada is caring for its caregivers by launching 2 new pilots that will help caregivers who come to this country make it their permanent home. The Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker pilots will open for applications on June 18, 2019, replacing the expiring Caring for Children and Caring for People with High Medical Needs pilots.Read more  Le Canada apporte son soutien aux aides familiaux Lancement de 2 nouveaux programmes pilotes : gardiens et gardiennes d’enfants en milieu familial et aides familiaux à domicileLe 15 juin 2019 – Toronto (Ontario) – Le Canada soutient les aides familiaux qui viennent au Canada pour s’y établir de façon permanente en lançant 2 nouveaux programmes pilotes qui leur sont destinés.Les demandes dans le cadre du Programme pilote pour les gardiens et gardiennes d’enfants en milieu familial et du Programme pilote pour aides familiaux à domicile — lesquels remplacent le Programme de la garde d’enfants et le Programme des soins aux personnes ayant des besoins médicaux élevés qui arrivent à échéance — seront acceptées à compter du 18 juin 2019.Lisez plus

Dr. Donna Kakonge’s Writing Service (Online Writing and Editing)

Payments are tax deductible under education expenses. You also receive free .pdf books with purchase that I have written of the same money amount of purchase.

All Subjects plus resumes

Dr. Donna Kay Cindy Kakonge, BJ, MA, TESOL, LLB, EdD is offering online tutoring courses at group rates and individual rates. The contact information to find out more is below. My résumé to find out how I can help you. The courses are affordable. I also communicate completely, both written and spoken in all languages. You need to pay upfront before services are performed and the payment method is below.

Donna Kakonge’s Writing Service – Online Writing and Editing

You can pay right here. The price is $6.00 USD per page with a minimum order of $15.00 USD.

Donna Kakonge’s Writing Service (Online School Help)

Please pay here before providing me with your homework instructions. Extra pages subject to extra billing. All Subjects provided. Satisfaction guaranteed. No Refunds. Revisions must come with payment. Your payment also includes pre-arranged Skype calls and email responses. Expenses are tax deductible. Minimum payment of $15.00 USD.


All Subjects

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Coming up at ADBCC (Also Known as A Different Booklist) “The People’s Residence”

“THE PEOPLE’S RESIDENCE” – A DIFFERENT BOOKLIST CULTURAL CENTREComing EventsFriday, June 14, 2019Synopsis: “The Danish Poet” (2006)This Oscar-winning short animation follows Kasper, a poet whose creative well has run dry, on a holiday to Norway to meet the famous writer Sigrid Undset. Kasper attempts to answer some pretty big questions: can we trace the chain of events that leads to our own birth? Is our existence just a coincidence? Do little things matter? As Kasper’s quest for inspiration unfolds, it appears that a spell of bad weather, an angry dog, slippery barn planks, a careless postman, hungry goats, and other seemingly unrelated factors might play important roles in the big scheme of things after all. Synopsis: “Poetic Justice” (1993)After witnessing the murder of her first and only boyfriend, young Justice decides to forget about college and become a South Central Los Angeles hairdresser. Avoiding friends, the only way for her to cope with her depression is by composing beautiful poetry. On her way to a convention in Oakland, she is forced to ride with an independent-minded postal worker whom she has not gotten along with in the past. After various arguments between them and their friends, they start to discover that their thoughts on violence, socially and domestically, are the same. Justice may finally feel that she is not as alone as before. Written by <> ( Phyllis Lewis: BiographyBorn in Jamaica, Phyllis Lewis moved to Canada with her family at a young age. Growing up in Toronto she developed an interest in books, music, movies, and technology. She worked at the National Film Board of Canada for 12 years as a digital editing technician on documentaries and animated films. Later she co-created, Project Media and Next-Gen NDG developing and facilitating workshops for a new generation of media creators. She lives in Montreal where she continues to work and collaborate on a variety of creative projects. Saturday, June 15, 2019Thursday, June 20, 2019A Different Booklist779 Bathurst Street, Toronto
CanadaSHARESHARETWEETTWEETFORWARDFORWARDYou received this email because you signed up on our website or made a
purchase from us.

Gear up for Madonna at WorldPride 2019

Limited edition designs are only available for 5 days!
Celebrate Madonna’s June 30 performance at Pride Island and support the Trevor Project with exclusive limited edition t-shirt & numbered lithograph only available through June 14. 

Also, make sure to grab your copy of the Madame X Rainbow vinyl & flag! All proceeds go to The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth. For more information, please visit

How to Repair a Screen Door

Repair any damages to your screen door with do-it-yourself!

Photo Courtesy of

Have you been in and out of your house so much, or pushing at your screen door, or closing it too hard that it has worn away and the springs are not working, plus it may be falling off of its hinges? Please read on because this article will help to give you do-it-yourself (DIY) tips on how to fix your screen door yourself, at a low-cost with the tools guide that will help you to repair your screen door quick and easy.

You can do this yourself – DIY! Here’s how:

1. Having the Right Tools to Fix Your Screen Door

Having a screen spline will help to tear away the broken mesh, or spline, of a screen door, as well as to seal in the new and fresh mesh that you have to replace any torn mesh. You will also require measuring tape to ensure that you cut a piece of mesh that is approximate to the size of your screen door to replace it with the fresh screen door mesh. If the new mesh is larger than the size that needs to be covered for your screen door, please do not worry about this. A pair of scissors will help to cut away any excess screen door mesh around your screen door.

When it comes to the hinges or the actual screen door, you will need to have a screwdriver that is adjustable. If your screen door has a convex roller, the aspect of the screen door that gauges how the door opens and closes, you may also need to purchase a new convex roller if you cannot fix the new one. A screwdriver, as well as a hammer, will help you to replace the convex roller, as well as to fix the convex roller.

2. Different Problems that You May Be Having with Your Screen Door

Your screen door may be experiencing different problems and targeting or identifying the exact problem that your screen door is having will be the key to fixing it just right.

The problem could be that the spline or mesh is torn or broken. The problem could also be that the door itself is literally off its hinges. The problem could also be with the convex roller that adjusts the opening and the closing of the door. You could also have a problem with broken plexiglass on your door that would need to be replaced and you would require safety gloves, as well as heavy goggles to fix this problem. You will need to extremely carefully remove the broken glass. With a screwdriver from your adjustable screwdriver that has a flathead, take away the glazing compound and the glazing points on the screen door. You will also need waterproof paint because you should use this along with the sealer of the glass portion of your screen door. Purchase some plexiglass and make sure you measure your screen door before you purchase and get it cut to size and replace the glass using an X-Acto knife.

3. Tips on How to Repair the Screen Door

Some key tips on how to repair a screen door include making sure that you are wearing the right safety gear. Make sure that there are not any children or animals around, the area is clear and unobstructed, including any vehicles, bikes, lawn chairs, tables, etc. removed from the surrounding area in order to provide you with enough room to do this do-it-yourself project (DIY).  Have all of your tools ready at hand to use, plus ensure that you are protecting your eyes, your hands, and your feet, and not wearing any fancy clothing, but rather comfortable and protective clothing while you fix your screen door.

4. Tips on Improving Your Usage of Your Screen Door to prevent it From Needing to Be Fixed Often

Screen doors really do need to be treated with care. This means that if the screen door has a convex roller, you should really not be forcing the door either open or forcing the door closed. If the screen door has a spline or mesh, you need to make sure that your screen door is fully open and not in any contact with either furniture entering the home, bikes entering the home, or anything that could tear the mesh or spline. The same is true when it comes to the plexiglass. You need to really protect the plexiglass and also gently wipe it clean at least once a month, depending on the weather conditions in your area.

5. When the Problem with Your Screen Door is Unsolvable and it’s Time to Buy a New One

Sometimes, the problem with your screen door may go beyond a basic do-it-yourself repair job and you may need to purchase one. When this happens, go to your local hardware or home shop and discuss with the knowledgeable staff on hand about some good prices and good deals that you can receive for purchasing a brand new screen door. Screen doors can cost approximately $250 so please do shop around because if you can fix the damage to your screen door, you will be saving yourself a lot of money.

How to Keep Your Rose Bushes Blooming Every Year

Revive your glorious rose bushes on your property with DIY!

If you have rose bushes around your home, or anywhere on your property, first of all, consider yourself lucky, consider yourself fortunate. Nothing is like the beautiful bloom of roses, in any color from white to yellow, to pink, to red, with their beautiful green stems and thorns to always remind you that true love or friendship is something that must be treated with care and requires caring people to participate.  So, when your rose bushes do not bloom in one year, bloom in another year, or go through continuous seasons of not blooming, this article to help you to find a do-it-yourself (DIY) solution to bring the beauty of your rose bushes back to your home.

You can do this yourself – DIY! Here’s how:

1. Why Do Rose Bushes Bloom in Some Years and Not in Others?

There could be a number of reasons why your rose bushes are not blooming. The fertilizer that is not applied to the rose bushes or the fertilizer that you are using for the rose bushes may not be agreeing with changing climate conditions for the rose bushes. The solution to this would then be to use a combination of well-balanced plant food, plus fertilizer in order to revive your rose bushes.

Pests can also be one of the reasons why your rose bushes are not blooming as well. Insects can literally nibble away at the buds of the rose bushes which will cause the rose bushes not to bloom. The best way to treat this would be to use an environmentally-friendly pesticide such as mint or peppermint.

Environmental stresses can also be another reason why your rose bushes are not blooming. Excessively harsh winter conditions can produce rose bushes in spring that does not bloom. The rose bushes may also not be receiving enough light to bloom. It’s possible that again due to environmental stresses, there are not enough ultraviolet rays (UV) rays in order to fully revive the bloom of the rose bushes. On the contrary end of all this, the rose bushes could also not be receiving enough water from rainfall.

2. Could Your Rose Bushes Have ‘Blind Shoots?’

Rose bushes that come out like blind shoots can be like the sensation of a great home that does not have a stitch of furniture in it. The rose bushes will come out as though they are going to form blooming buds, and they will also even have buds on the stems of the rose bushes, however, the rose bushes will not bloom. The reasons behind blind shoots are really not known to garden care experts; however, many experts highly suspect that environmental conditions could be the main reason why blind shoots occur for rose bushes.

3. How Do I Solve the Basic Problems First?

When it comes to the fertilizer of the rose bushes, please take the time to test the soil’s PH balance. Finding a neutralizing soil complement to the current soil, that you will purchase to use with the existing soil, will help to provide a more grounding essence for the rose bushes. Also, making sure that you add a well-balanced plant food that is also PH balanced is essential to ensure that the fertilizer and the plant food will revive your rose bushes if the fertilizer is the sole problem at hand.

As mentioned before, using mint or peppermint is a wonderful solution for ensuring that you keep pests and insects away from your rose bushes if it is insects and pests which are the essential problem at-hand when it comes to your rose bushes. When it comes to the environmental stresses and the UV rays, some of the ways you could counteract some of the challenges of the environment yourself is perhaps purchasing some kind of protective layers, such as a tarp, to put over your rose bushes when the weather conditions are not in favor of your rose bushes keeping healthy. Plus added some specially treated water that contains nutrients that you can find a specialty garden shop can help to solve your water problems if that is the target issue for why your rose bushes have not been blooming.

4. What to Do About Blind Shoots?

Sometimes, the best solution, if you have no solution, could be to simply start again. What you may want to do in the case of blind shoots is to replant a whole new rose bush, no different than you would if you had a diseased tree that required digging up and being replanted with a tree planting.

5. Finding Cost-Effective Ways to Revive Your Rose Bushes

Asking friendly and trusted neighbors who also have rose bushes to borrow some of their supplies, or to pay them a little something for their trouble, can be resourceful ways for finding all of the supplies that you would need, in a cost-effective method, in order to revive your rose bushes.

When it comes to replanting rose bushes, try to see if you can work with your state’s department of parks and recreation to see if they can recommend places that sell discounted rose bushes in order to get a good price for top-quality rose bushes plants to plant.

Green Roof Construction Mistakes to Avoid

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Avoid making mistakes constructing your green roof with DIY!

A green roof is a radical uptake of an improvement on your home. This is a DIY project that is really going to help to keep the longevity of your shelter, your home, your paradise. What does a green roof do? By not walking out your house with dribbles or even heavy droplets of acid rain ruining your new suit to go to an interview or your job, or your suede shoes for a job where you really need to look perfect, a green roof will stymy the amount of water runoff from rain and/or storm in order to also to reduce noise from traffic, plus conserve the overall energy of your home ultimately getting down to the bottom dollars by saving you dollars.

When you are planning your green roof construction, it is important to know what mistakes to avoid. A green roof can be a satisfying project, in that it helps the environment and makes your house look good. As always, there is a right way and a wrong way to accomplish a project, as well as variants in-between. The point is to get the DIY project completed, so make sure that you adapt these instructions to your collective or individual needs. Learn from the mistakes that other people have made in the past and enjoy listening and reading this.

You can do this yourself – DIY! Here’s how:

1. Do Not Go in Blind

Get all the facts before you begin the green roof construction. You should find out everything you can about maintenance, the types of plants for your area, and the success stories of others. This is not something that you should jump into without some guidance. This is why you’re reading this. You need to navigate your dead load and a slow load of the roof. If you look carefully, just above the pitch, which means that you must be wearing safety glasses, safety gloves, safety boots, and any other safety gear that you know will protect you as well when you are high on your rooftop, make sure that you are also harnessed to something stable so that just in case you fall – you will survive. This is exactly what is meant by not going in blind. It is important that you realize it is actually a pretty intricate system that requires planning. Know the basics of waterproofing, cleaning, and monitoring your green roof. There are many resources on the Internet to help you learn all you need to know. You can consult an expert about the process. Contact the Department of Agriculture and ask them what information they can provide about green roof construction if you have any further preliminary questions the Department of Agriculture will help you further. This is a starter article, but please do read on, because it will help to prepare you for the best questions to ask the Department.

2. Skimping on a Drainage System

It is important for your green roof to have a very good drainage system. If you do not have a good drainage system, several things can go wrong. With green roof construction, drainage prevents your plants from becoming over saturated. These plants will be in danger of perishing if the water does not drain properly. It is also important that it not drain too quickly. Plants that do not receive enough water will also perish. Another potential danger of a bad drainage system in a green roof is weight control. If the water is not draining properly, the weight of the excess water could become too much for your roof to sustain. You will have a huge mess on your hands if this happens. Think in terms of preventing the extra cost. You spend a little more on the drainage system to make it efficient, but it saves you money in the long run.

3. Mistakes in Construction

When building your green roof, it is important to know how much weight the roof will be able to support. A common mistake made when constructing a green roof is not accounting for the weight of the desired plant life. You cannot build a roof made for light grass and plant a tree that will grow ten feet tall. Use your head and once again consult the experts and people who have built these roofs before. You need to also take into account how much the plant life will weigh when it is fully saturated, to make sure it can stand up to days of rain.

Understanding the shape of your roof can help you prevent another common mistake. Depending on the location of your house and the slope of your land, the shape of your roof may or may not sustain greenery. A flat roof will hold water longer, without a really good irrigation system, and a slanted roof may not be able to sustain the foliage, depending on how much of a slant it has. All these are mistakes that a little research can help you avoid. Being prepared and knowledgeable will ensure you get the best results with your green roof construction.

4. Money Matters

Make sure that you lay down the tarp on top of your roof in order to get the best drainage that you are aiming to achieve. Mistakes to avoid include purchasing low-quality materials in order to save on the expenses of this DIY project. Talk to the people at the supply stores where you are receiving these materials in order to receive recommendations on the highest quality of materials. This is home, it is best not to do this DIY project if you cannot afford it. The costs of building a green roof will vary dependent on the size of your roof. The cost of installation can be about $10.00 per square foot. The average single-detached home is 2,436 square feet which means that this project is something where you would need to save approximately $25,000 plus the taxes in order to DIY. However, if you DIY it, it is at a fraction of the cost of a roofer doing it who would charge an average $450 to $700 per square foot to do it.

5. Waterproofing the Roof

You will need to put primer down in order to ensure that your green roof will do what it is supposed to do after you have completed the project. Please do not forget, avoid this mistake, do not forget how important the primer is because the waterproofing is the most important thing you need to do for this DIY to avoid water leaks not only inside your home but also while you come outside of your home. The rim around the exterior will help as well after you lay down the primer. The second layer of asphalt roll roofing will also help to ensure that other outside elements from the environment will protect your home with the roof. It also protects from ultraviolet (UV) rays. A 15-millilitre polyethylene acts as a secondary layer of waterproofing.  Delta floraxx is a heavy plastic layer that will protect your roof from water, however, will also allow enough to seep to the layer underneath it. Making sure that you are harnessing enough water in order to keep plants on your roof is an important element of this process as well and all of this will help for this to be done. There will be cups added to the delta floraxx already installed that will help to ensure that you can lively have your plant haven on your roof. You just keep adding layers and this is what will help to protect your roof. This a project that is best to do at the right time of year in your area. It will take time, and get a partner to help you.

6. The Soil for the Plants

A mineral-based soil with 25 percent compost is a good recommendation in order to keep the plants on the green roof thriving. Once you implement these methods, this is a long-term solution for maximizing the beauty of your home. A green roof really has eye-catching appeal for anyone who sees your home from near or far.

7. Why Choose a Green Roof?

If you do not live in a rural area, but you love the look and the feel of true green, real green, green from nature and splash and decadence more brilliant than a diamond from a beautiful plant, you will love your green roof. It does last as long as a diamond.  

Design Ideas about Upscale Fences and Walls

Putting some pizzazz into your fences and walls with DIY!

Whether you are an artist, have an artist within, or you have a home full of little, or more adult-aged children, you will love the DIY ideas in this article for bringing a sense of opulence, a sense of drama, and eye-catching beauty to your fences and walls that will have even your enemies asking you to visit your home for some tea.

You can do this yourself – DIY! Here’s how:

1. Adding Your Own Individual Art to Your Fences and Walls

Adding your own individual art to your fences and your walls is a great way to personalize your environment. There is no such thing that only some people can paint, just as there is no such thing that only some people can dance. You do not need to be Leonardo Picasso to add your own special flair to your fences and walls with an artistic design that speaks to you.

Perhaps, you made a trip to Spain in your lifetime, even the South part of Spain, and you cannot ever forget how beautiful the view was when you were on the top of the Rock of Gibraltar when you were there. Well, life gets busy and there is always work to be done, meaning it is not always easy to just pack up and go back to Spain, even for a visit, because your bills do not pay themselves. The inexpensive and fun way to bring a piece of Spain back in your life, that you can view each and every single day of your life right from wherever you are, be it Long Island, or Atlanta, Georgia, is to even take a small part of your wall or fence, and paint the scene that you remember from the Rock Gibraltar in Spain.

This also works even for weight loss motivation! Imagine you have a dream of a figure that you want to be, naturally, without plastic surgery, and you are at that age when it is more challenging to take that kind of weight off. One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to paint a realistic picture of what you want to look like, and you can proudly display that besides a piece of your wall beside your mirror in either your bathroom or bedroom.

2. Using the Urban Method of Graffiti for Fences and Walls

Graffiti, beautiful graffiti, has become so popular right throughout America, that there are people who are professional graffiti artists. If you have seen a lot of graffiti that you like, it is as simple as a trip to a home store or an art supply store in order to purchase spray paint cans and paint your walls or your fence. It’s your property – you have the freedom to make these choices.

3. Getting the Family and Friends Together to Paint a Mural

A lovely mural of paintings of carnation flowers, and daffodils, or a lovely forest scene is a wonderful bonding family project or a project with friends, that would make a complimentary visual display to the walls of your home, or for the fences outside of your home.

4. Adding Some Geometric Designs

You can go to an art supply store and purchase some beautiful stenciling kits that will help create the structure that you would need to paint geometric designs on your fences or on your walls. You can even also purchase the paint at the art store, or you can also purchase the paint at a home store. You can even use spray paint to the do the same job and the spray paint would simply give the look a more geometric graffiti artistic look in comparison to using paint.

5. Adding Fabrics like Black Velvet

Depending on how enclosed your fences are, but definitely you can do this with the walls in your home, you can add fun fabrics to your walls that you can find at a fabric store, such as Ashanti printing, or Asian-inspired prints, Aboriginal and Native prints, Spanish designs, Nordic designs, and a whole lot more! Using anything from leathers, even faux leathers, to faux furs, to black velvet – you can have a lot of fun with just using some removable glue and pasting these fabrics to your walls to create an opulent elegance for the long term, or even for a short term experience with a special friend.

Cost Effective Ways to Repaint Your Fence

Freshen up the paint on your fence at a low-cost using DIY!

The fence around your home is usually one of the first things that passers-by or anyone visiting your home will see. When you have guests, your fence should look remarkable in order to show them that you put in the special touches in order to show that you are proud of your home, plus happy to be in it, and happy that people who live there and your guests are there. This do-it-yourself (DIY) project will help you to do an easy renovation of the fences that are on your home, or on your property. You will also find out how to paint your fence for beginners.

You can do this yourself – DIY! Here’s how:

1. Shop Online for Used Paint

There are tons of people out there right in the neighborhood where you live, or throughout your city, or country, or all over the world depending on if you can get free shipping or how urgently you would need the paint, where you can find used paint that someone else has used that they could even be giving away for free. Such sites as Craigslist and Kijiji are fantastic for people that are just trying to get rid of some what they would call “junk paint” that would be your sheer pleasure because you could turn it into a wonderful project to basically renovate your fences around your home.

2. Finding the Least Expensive Paint for Fences if You Do Pay

Checking out a hardware store or home store in order to receive suggestions from staff on what is the least expensive paint to use for your fences is the best option to start with if you do want to pay for paint fence. Other options include also purchasing spray paint for fences and you can also use this paint your fences as well, where rust-proof spray paint would cost approximately $45 if you purchase the best cans of paint this would cost approximately $209 just for one can. You can also purchase used paint as mentioned before online.

3. Instead of Hiring Painters, Get Your Friends and Family to Help You

You could choose to hire a painter to paint your fence; however, the costs of just the painter, not including the paint can cost $2,000! This must be the reason why you’re reading this article! You see, if you are reminded that you could purchase a $20.00 super-size pizza and have even three other people of family and friends help you, you are only spending 1% of the cost that you would have in order to hire a painter, or to DIY.

4. Tips on Making the Fence Look Great

You will need an exterior acrylic wood primer first before you put on the coat of paint. Remember, it is up to you what color you choose to paint your fence, basically meaning that the fence does not need to be white. Some people choose to stain a fence to the color of the wood if it is a wooden fence. Just as much as a fence does not need to be painted white, nor does it need to be a wooden fence either. The choice of whether to stain or paint the fence is up to you. We will discuss briefly staining a fence in this article.

It really does not need to take a long time to paint or stain a fence. Depending on its length and size, it could even take just one day out of your time. This is an extremely easy DIY project to do. Unpainted fences just end up making the entire exterior of your home look undone, unless that is the way that you want your home to look. Since you are reading this article, it can be imagined that you aiming to achieve a finished look to your home that will be representative of the kind of person that you are.

Before you begin painting the fence, you will need to move away from anything from the fence that would get in the way of you painting the fence. Also, make sure that you sweep away any debris that would be surrounding the fencing area of your home. Please also do not forget to lay down any sheets that you have, any sheets or even newspaper that you either do not need anymore or can be washed in order to protect any concrete that is underneath the fence. Usually, the grass is cut so you don’t need to worry about grass too much, in particular, if you are really strapped for something to protect basically the ground where you will be painting.

What is important though is that you use something like a newspaper in order to protect any poles, etc. that you do not want to get painted, and you do not want any paint stains or spray paint stains, or staining stains.  Make sure you basically have a good roller brush, plus a smaller hand-held brush in order to do the painting of the fence. The hand-held brush is more important for the staining of the fence.

If the fence has been unattended for a while, please remember to take a soft cloth to the wood, if the fence is wooden, in order to wipe away any dirt and/or grime that would be on the fence before you begin to paint and/or stain the fence.

The philosophy of working on the hardest part of the fence first works when you paint the fence. This means that starting with the bottom boards of the fence and painting up, vertically, or horizontally depending on how the boards of your fence are laid and its construction, will help to ensure that you have a beautiful job with your fence once you have completed the DIY project.

5. How Often Should You Be Painting Your Fence?

You are the best person ideally to determine how often to repaint your fence. Ideally, experts recommend that you should repaint your fence about every two to three years. This also depends heavily on the climate conditions within the area where you live, and a number of other reasons such as the basic wear and tear of your fence. Your fence may be something that could be protected by an overhang, such as a balcony or verandah as an example, which would mean that you can go a longer period of time in order to repaint your fence.

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