DesRosiers Vehicle Import Study – “Four times more Porsches imported than Hyundais”‏

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DesRosiers Vehicle Import Study – “Four times more Porsches imported than Hyundais”



Ø  42 percent of ‘used’ vehicle imports in 2011 were from current model years

Ø  Four times more Porsches imported than Hyundais

Ø  Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota the largest volume brands for imports


A new report from DesRosiers Automotive Consultants Inc. indicates that the majority of ‘used’ vehicles imported into Canada are from recent model years with the 2010-12 model years combined representing approximately 42% of all imports in 2011.  The DesRosiers Vehicle Import Study, new from DesRosiers Automotive Consultants Inc. (DAC), demonstrates the effects that cross-border trade continues to have on Canada’s new and used vehicle markets.

The existence of an active, responsive grey market for in-demand vehicles is relevant to the interests of any business active in the new or used vehicle sectors in Canada.  Aided by a strong dollar and the seeming stability of parity exchange rates between the U.S. and Canadian dollars, grey market vehicles have come to play an important role as buyers hunt American inventories for attractive deals.


Significant import volumes were seen amongst the luxury brands last year, with three times more Mercedes being imported than Mazdas, and four times more Porsches imported than Hyundais. While the luxury brands were certainly over-represented among vehicle imports, a substantial portion of imported vehicles hail from mainstream marques; Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota proved to be 2011’s highest volume import brands, making the new DesRosiers Vehicle Import Study essential reading for all manufacturers.

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